MIAMI BEACH (CBS4) – Officials are implementing a new checks and balances system for the Miami Beach Police Department.

It’s the fallout from two officers who took a July 4th bachelorette party joyride on an ATV that ended in a serious crash.  In addition to two being fired next month, the city will track officers every move with GPS devices.  The city is spending $250,000 to outfit every cruiser.

“It started because we are looking at the police department, trying to strengthen all the checks and balances there,” said Miami Beach Mayor Mattie Bower.

Checks and balances that apparently are overdue.  The GPS units rolled out as a 16 page report out Wednesday which shows how two officers managed to drink and joyride without supervisors suspecting a thing.

The document depicts a command staff that has essentially been asleep at the wheel or not even at work.

The night of the ATV accident, Sergeant Michael Muley and his lieutenant both missed the fact he had an extra officer not just hanging out in his district, but partying at the Clevelander.

Lieutenant Jerome Berrian was essentially in charge that night but it’s unclear where he was.  He didn’t report for the ten thirty roll call.  The first sign of him at work is when he logged onto a computer at 1:42 a.m.  When asked about it, he claimed to be in the bathroom.

Internal affairs went even further, looking into where Berrian has been for months.  Sunpass records catch him red handed 28 times, driving through the Golden Glades Interchange at all times of the night.  Coming and going three hours late or three hours before he was suppose to get off.

The city is recommending demotions and suspensions. And while it means pay cuts,  they keep their jobs.

Comments (4)
  1. thoughtfulguy says:

    The Miami beach police department is slipping. Don’t put your job and career and jeopardy for a party. Partying can get you in trouble unless you do it the smartway, which these officers failed to do that night. Bad decision for these officers, and seen their demotions, from sergeants and lieutenants to officers, and pay cuts. cmon guys your smarter then that. Hopefully they get their rank up again and budgets back up.

  2. bob says:

    yahoo mdpd.
    once again, a day late and a dollar short.
    I am so proud to have you guys
    servicing me,,,,, oh, my bad. i mean to have you here to service me.
    good grief. charlie brown.
    also makes me wonder how many of these police lovers going to come out in the defense of these cops.

  3. Luis bonilla says:

    Unbelievable, that is why i have no respect for you guys. I cant wait to see what the outcome is if there is any, the investigation will fade away and nothing will happen just like how it happens in politics. OFFICER’s you make me SICK.

  4. Chet says:

    OMG I always assumed that ALL cop cars had GPS considing the technology has been around for decades, for christ sake even the garbage trucks have GPS but our cop cars don’t, this is management at it’s worst !!!!!!!!!!