KEY BISCAYNE (CBSMiami) – Several bicyclists were hurt Wednesday in an accident near MAST Academy on Key Biscayne.

Initial reports indicate at least six cyclists were involved in the accident. Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Ignatius Carroll said two people, a male and female, were taken to Mercy Hospital to be treated.

One of the injured riders, a male in his 40s, dislocated his shoulder and had scrapes and scratches on his face and leg.

Miami-Dade Fire Rescue also took an injured cyclist to the hospital, but it was unclear where that person was taken or the extent of their injuries.

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  1. John says:

    Maybe they should ride on the bike lane, and not in huge packs.

    It should be illegal to ride in a large pack unless it’s a sanction race.

    Especially when people are going to work, or leaving work.

    1. Big Dawg In Miami says:

      John , i agree. Toooo many times i have seen ” a pack ” of Cyclists on the key . they do not adhere to the rules of the road

      1. David says:

        That’s very typical. Keep in mind that you can say the same thing for people who drive cars.

        I’m sure you’re aware that bikes are considered vehicles and as such are subject to the same rules as cars (ok…except for insurance and licensing). Police can, and occasionally do, tickets bikers for speeding (yeah we can go pretty fast), running red lights, stop signs etc. Maybe they should do i t more often.

      2. scotty c says:

        exactly. stay of the roads,especially during rush hr. they dont obey any of the road signs or right of way anyway.

  2. David says:

    It wold be nice if the article explained why the pile up occurred.

    As a rider it’s safer to ride in packs since cars tend to ignore individual riders.

    The bike lanes are more dangerous than riding alongside cars. Aside from all the road debris that piles up there you also have to contend with cars that turn right in front of you because they just don’t notice you off on the side that way. But as a driver I also understand how annoying it is to contend with bikers. It’s why my group goes out around 4:30 a.m. when traffic is light.

  3. Rohn Timm says:

    I agree, they act as if they own the road and won’t move over! Where are the police to ticket these selfish riders?

    1. Jane Doe says:

      If it happened in Aventura they would be especially after an accident.

  4. jim says:

    maybe the cops should check the rulebook.they are by law required to follow the same laws as a motor vehicle.instead they run lights make illegal turns and weave in and out of traffic,which should earn them a ticket and while the bike lobby screams about thier rights and saftey lord help you if you are a runner or for that matter crossing the street when they roll by.the cops need to start writing them tickets and protecting the rest of us.

  5. David says:

    Non-riders don’t understand the the road-bikers mentality. We are there partly because we enjoy riding but MAINLY it’s because we like the speed. It’s more than just a little exciting when you can cruise at over 30 mph. Having to stop at a red light etc. is a major annoyance. But BEFORE you guys decide to kill me for saying that, please understand that I’m NOT using that as a justification for NOT stopping. because car drivers could say the same thing and if we all acted that way the roads would be a total disaster.

    What MIGHT help is if they built special “roads to nowhere” just for bikes. A huge expense that probably can’t be justified. But it sure is nice to dream about. Anybody have some unused acreage close to the city that you’d be willing to donate to the cause? 🙂

  6. Lydia says:

    I ride at least 3 times a week, and even I have a problem with the packs of cyclists who slow traffic in the mornings and then go on to cycle through red lights and stop signs. The vast majority of drivers do give single file bikers leeway, as they should, when there are no bike lanes. No real drama there. Most problems start when the bikers are 3 deep in packs looking for that flowing, smooth ride with no stops.

  7. TheTibetanMonkey says:

    I hate the bicycle crowd in Key Biscayne but it’s the only place to ride in Miami. See you there soon!

  8. Noway says:

    I saw it this morning in the news. Miami is rated number “1” for the worst drivers. I’m sure they have been number one a few times. These drivers are always in a hurry.

  9. RIch says:

    Do you even know what caused this accident? The bike lane is 2 feet wide! If drivers would pay attention, stop texting or yakking on the phone, put their makeup on at home instead of on the road, and drive the speed limit at least, THEN we talk! Miami is one of the worst driving cities in the country, angry drivers. When drivers give us our BY LAW 3 feet, we’ll stop fighting for it and we all live in harmony….

  10. Jimbo99 says:

    How tough would it be for a motorist to see a pack of cyclists and make a safe pass in the other lane. Please don’t tell me that cyclists slow anyone down, if it were the Palmetto, motorists during rush hour constantly start, stand & stop in Doral and Hialeah at the very least. One can actually go as fast or faster on a bicycle. Little known fact for motorists, per FL statute, cyclists can take a traffic lane in the state of FL. I think the last time a story of a cyclist that stayed in the bike lane on Key Biscayne, a drunk driver ran that poor sob over.

  11. Jimbo99 says:

    Then again, who knows, everyone is speculating here, perhaps there wasn’t a motorist involved at all. A single cyclist has a problem and takes out others behind that cyclist ?

  12. Mari says:

    Please! I ride that causeway all the time. Even during high traffic time they take over one of the lanes and not necessarity because there are 50-100 of them. I have seen FOUR riders side by side having a chat and forcing people to swerve around them. I don’t know if there was a car involved since the article is not very forthcoming (what, could not get the info??) I do have a solution to the pockets of bicyclists that think they own the road…since they have been given the right to take over a lane I propose that anyone riding outside a bike lane or ON THE ROAD (not the edge) must HAVE A LICENSE PLATE ON THE BIKE!!!! Think of all the revenue!!! I can’t drive my car on the roads without a current license plate so why do they??? and oh yeah, they go through red lights and when you have to screech to a halt to not hit them, they give you the finger!!!! Police…source of revenue!!!! TICKETS!!!!

  13. Gisela Mayedo says:

    I agree 100%. I cycle on the key & regularly see cyclist riding like idiots with absolutly no regard for other cyclist or traffic. Makes all of us look bad. FOLLOW THE RULES PEOPLE!!They are there to protect us all.