MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A south Miami-Dade doctor is behind bars charged with three counts of trafficking in oxycodone and running an unlicensed pain management clinic.

According to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, their investigation into Dr. Mark Sachs began last June. Over the next several months, investigators found that Sachs was allegedly selling and dispensing prescriptions to individuals who did not have a medical need. The FDLE said Dr. Sachs was representing himself as being an infectious disease doctor; however, the investigation found Dr. Sachs was only treating pain patients.

On Monday, FDLE agents executed a search warrant at Dr. Sachs home in Palmetto Bay and at his medical office on North Kendall Drive and seized his patients records.

The Florida Department of Health has issued an emergency suspension of Dr. Sach’s medical license.

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  1. paul reubens says:

    I was a patient of dr sachs for 2 years. He did work for a margate pain center that was shut down as well but when he was told by the owners what prescriptions to write he quit. He then opened a new office and saw patients legally. He did a comprehensive exam every visit and he even had ppl with illegal MRI’s he found out and kicked them outta his office. This is just a example of the horrors real pain patients go through to get their meds legally. I also hear during the raid they even pointed a gun at some patients and kida before they released them. This was a totally legit dr who was targeted. There was no investigation, they just want to close every pain mgmt dr down. This is just going to force people to obtain their meds illegally. This is just wrong what they did to dr sachs as he was such a good and careing dr.

    1. Dawn Sparks says:

      Well, I am glad for you that he was legit,, but I can assure you that your Dr, Sachs is not a GOOD Doctor,,,he did up untill his arrest write scripts for several young adults that are VERY addicted to drugs..and dont even live in Miami???? it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand that if you have several young adults driving to your town just to get scripts.they must BE ADDICTS…and yet he writes them with no guilt or conscience….and that have absolutely no reason to recieve the powerful drug Roxys amoung many other scripts…I COMMEND the FDLE for this bust and hope that they continue to arrest horrible Doctors that allow GREED to sway them into destroying lives instead of what they are sworn to do SAVE them…I just dont understand why an educated person wants money over the many years they spent being educated and throw away their freedom and liscense for GREED…enjoy your new life behind bars Dr. Sachs…now you will be housed with the many addicts that turn criminals because of their addictions…Poetic Justice…ENJOY…and may God forgive you for all the lives, that u helped take with your actions…