MIAMI LAKES (CBS4) – Heartbreaking home video obtained by CBS4 News shows Muscovy ducks drowning in a Miami Lakes canal.

They were fed tranquilizers by an exterminator.  The idea was to sedate and capture them,  then euthanize them elsewhere. But they got away before they could be caught.

“They all went in the water and the next thing you now they were just drowning,” said neighbor Cindy Boyer.  “Their heads were flopping over, they were flapping their wings all confused and crazy and just watched them lay there and drown in the water. “

Boyer was horrified.  She and her neighbors in the “Windmill Gate” neighborhood feed them every day.

“There’s no life on this canal bank,” said Boyer.  “We had 17 ducks here yesterday because we all watch them and count the babies and get excited, but now there’s nothing.”

Resident David Pagan was so disturbed, he jumped in to save them.  Pictures show several he pulled from the water still alive, but it did not good.

“The way they died,” said Pagan, shaking his head,   “It was…it was…so some people they’re just a nuisance, but they’re God’s little animals, simple as that. “

A White Ibis drown too.

Rolando Calzadilla is the exterminator.  He was upset too about how all this happened – especially after someone pointed out a child could have seen it.

“It was either the lady or the guy, when they talked about the pre-schooler, I got it. I got it,” said Cazadilla,  “I just put my head down, and said I was sorry.”

Calzadilla said he learned from this  to always have a canoe on hand so if ducks get away again, he can get them before they drown so they can be euthanized more humanely.

“It’s not really that I did something wrong, it’s that I didn’t do it right,” he said, “and sometimes the only thing to say is, ‘I’m sorry.’ And that’s what I said, I’m sorry and I learned from it. “

Calzadilla is giving sensitivity  training to his employees he’s also waiting to hear back from Florida wildlife officials to find out if there’s going to be any fallout from the death of that ibis.

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  1. Florida Boy says:

    Killing Muscovy ducks is a crime – they are protected species. Someone is in deep trouble…

    1. Rebecca C says:

      Um, I could certainly be wrong, but Muscovies are considered an invasive species by the government, especially here in Florida. They aren’t even migratory, so they aren’t protected under that either. There are Muscovies in almost every state in the US. It is not at all unusual to hear of them being exterminated. I personally don’t mind them being around (I love how quiet they are compared to other ducks), but a lot of people consider them pests.

      I am curious as to who called the exterminator out, since the neighbors interviewed seemed to like having them around. Probably an iron-fisted HOA. Those are more of a pest in Florida than the Muscovies, that’s for sure.

      1. Jan says:

        Hi, They are protected, please go to ARFF and read about the Muscovy Ducks. They are protected in harassment in humane killing under Florida anti-cruelty statue. Prosecution of individuals causing pain, injury or death to ducks have occurred under the statute. I do not mind having the ducks around either, and I am surprized how outraged people get over some duck poop. I am sure you have heard the saying, if you do not like seagulls do not live on the ocean, if you do not not ducks…. 🙂

  2. Stacie says:

    this is horrible, why kill the ducks in the first place?! probably a bunch of yuppies complaining about the wildlife

    1. LiL Gamo says:

      the question is not why to kill them ? but why where they trying to remove them from that place? who decided to have this done? and for what sound reason ?
      fear of attracting dangerous animals that could cause other issues? , their fecal matter build up causing issues? there are ways to work around those issues.

      hmmm the whole story is not being told here … imho

      1. ana says:

        The question that needs an answer is who hired Mr. Calzadilla?
        I am sure he got paid for doing the job!
        there should be an investigation, i used to feed the ducks in the morning , i was there las Friday when Mr. Calzadilla was placing them in a plastic bag

  3. LiL Gamo says:

    to be fair the court will have to prove he did this with malice. so did he intend to cause harm ? did he intend to cause them to drowned ? by looks it seems a tragic accident.

  4. REALiTY says:

    Funny, it’s not a crime, but a right to kill a human being as long as it is in the womb.

  5. Trudy says:

    Where is PETA when you actually need them? This had to be a homeowners association that hired the exterminator to kill these ducks. How ridiculous. If you dont want wildlife MORONS then don’t have water. I hope someone winds up in court over this.

  6. Apocalypto says:

    Ugh another Floriduh moment. What is with you people? Unbelievable.

  7. John McAngry says:

    If the government charged the guy for killing a bear that was a threat to his family then they better charge this guy too–what happened was easily foreseeable.

  8. Robert Younger says:

    I live in SC, back in the woods, in my back yard ten feet from the kitchen window.
    I feed 15 deer a day see the fawns moms and dads daily feed time is just before dark.
    I also feed over twenty doves, a dozen different birds,a raccoon ,a Opossum and 1 feral cat.
    If I’m out I make sure I get home before feed time.
    what sort of devils live in southern Florida.

  9. The Informed says:

    “The The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission authorizes trappers to take destructive or nuisance [muscovy] from private property with the consent of the property owner.” “Muscovies are protected by Florida Statute 828.12 regarding animal cruelty. However, because these birds originated in Florida from domestic stock, they are not considered wildlife.” Thus euthanasia is usually the fate of these ducks and it’s not illegal.

    With all the cute puppies and kittens in shelters who’s gonna care about, or shelter, a bunch of ugly ducks? (sarcasm)

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