MIAMI (CBS4) – The email was simple. It read… “It’s not exactly happy hour but… do you want to come to a mammogram party?”

The response was quick. “Yes.” “Yes.” “I’m in.”

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A few weeks later, CBS4 Health Reporter Cynthia Demos and four of her friends were filling out the paperwork and putting on drab gray gowns, all to experience their first mammogram together.

The four buddies, encouraged by the Komen Race for the Cure,  also agreed to go on the record to help show others just how easy a mammogram is. As the machine went into action, the women described their impressions of the procedure.

“There is some pressure going on, but it’s not unbearable,” said Michelle Benesch.

“It’s better if I don’t look at it. I know you’re squishing away down there,” confessed Boo Zamek.

As for Cynthia… “Not bad so far. It’s fine. It’s fine.”

Her friend Denie Harris agreed, “Piece of cake.”

It’s cake she gets paid for. Harris’s company offers a $50 bonus for taking this preventive measure.

“Our work has a wellness program, so you get $50!” said Harris.

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Everyone else was instructed to make sure they got a prescription for a Screening Mammogram instead of a Diagnostic Mammogram in order to make sure their insurance would cover the procedure.

Kristin Pearce had the prescription, but the party was the nudge she needed.

“I’ve had the prescription for three months in my purse. So when I got the call, it was a good way to get here,” declared Pearce.

After they were all finished, the friends went to speak with Radiologist Dr. Maria Pilar-Martinez.

“I think it’s great to come with your friends,” she told Demos.

And the results were all just fine except for Kristin. But it’s not a big deal. It seems the tissue in both breasts just didn’t match, so she’ll have to come back for a closer look.

“I know sometimes it takes two times to get a good image,” Pearce acknowledged.

But overall, the process was easy, painless and maybe even fun. Demos and her friends have promised to do it again next year… same time, same place.

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And when the women go back next year, they’ve been told there will be a more advanced machine in place for 3D imaging. It’s called a Tomosynthesis and gets even more exact pictures of the breasts.