MIAMI (CBS4) – About 300 Miami-Dade employees got the boot Monday as part of the county’s $6.14 billion budget for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.

The budget, proposed by Mayor Carlos Gimenez, reversed an unpopular property tax rate hike which led to a loss in the county’s revenue which led to the layoffs.

Fifty more layoffs are expected by the end of the week.

According to CBS4 news partner The Miami Herald, Gimenez said the Labor unions have until November 1st to reach a new agreement or else more layoffs will happen.  The county is seeking an 8 percent cut for the union workers while the unions want to cut costs by returning a 3 percent raise they were granted.  Various unions have also been allowed to craft their own proposals for cutting county costs.

Monday’s pinks slips don’t mean those let go will be left jobless. Most county workers can try to fill vacant positions funded in the new budget or bump other workers from their positions.

Comments (3)
  1. David Nunez says:

    With the exception of MDPD and MDFD, Miami-Dade employees lost an average of about 18% pay last year. Even with the so called 3% pay increase that was granted, employees in general, are still being paid less then they were before. Gimenez should step down as Mayor, so that someone competent who doesn’t require hiring 5 of his buddies as assistants, at considerable costs to tax payers.

  2. Luis bonilla says:

    Welcome to the real world folks. We all have either lost jobs or recieved hair cuts in pay. STOP BITICHING

  3. print says:

    What our government needs to do is print more money. That’s right, print more money and hand it over to the states & counties so they can stop these budget cuts and that way people don’t have to be laid off anymore. Obama please call the mint house and tell them to print more money.