PLANTATION (CBS4) – An elderly South Florida woman, whose home was targeted by burglars earlier this year, has been victimized again by armed home invaders and they are believed to be the same suspects.

According to Plantation police, on Sept. 12th at 9:45 a.m., a 71-year-old woman who lives in the 1300 block of NW 98th Avenue opened her front door for what she believed was a flower delivery man.

When she opened the door, the fake flower man pushed her to the ground and bound her wrists. Two more men came into the home and demanded money.

“They demanded money and there was a large amount of money taken from the residence and jewelry and also the DVR box that records surveillance video was removed from the residence,” said Plantation Police Detective Phil Toman.

Police said they stole $130-thousand in cash and jewelry. The woman, who suffered bruises and abrasions, was forced to lie on the bedroom floor as the men made their getaway.

The woman told police the fake flower man had a gun and they were in a shiny black car. One of the suspects was wearing a black t-shirt with the word ‘service’ on the back.

All three suspects are believed to have targeted the same home on May 18th when they attempted to burglarize her home. The attempted break-in was captured on video surveillance.

In the video, the three men are seen getting out of a white van. They knocked on the door and looked for a way into the home but were unsuccessful.

Police say the three suspects match the descriptions provided by the victim of the home invaders. Unfortunately, there’s no surveillance video of the September home invasion because they took the DVR during the robbery.

It’s left the homeowner scared because her attackers are still out there. It’s a sentiment shared by neighbors in the area.

“It’s scary, real scary, we are close to where she lives,” said neighbor Diana Reyes. “It has to be people she knows.”

Anyone with information on these criminals is urged to call the Plantation Police Department at (954) 797-2100 or anonymously through Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS or 1-866-493-TIPS.

Comments (3)
  1. jim smith says:

    So, we are to assume that the perp’s were black. No mention at all.

    If they were white, the headline would have read “White Home Invaders Strike Again”.

  2. Gary in Miami says:

    Gary in Miami

    Am I reading this correctly, a 71 year old woman had 130,000 dollars at home?

    Guess those guys just picked the “right” house. There are these amazing new

    places called BANKS !!

    1. Luis bonilla says:

      No u moron. IIt doesnt say it was all in cash. the $130k consisted of both cash and jewelry. Learn how to interpret grasp what you are reading.