MIAMI (CBS4) – Parents, teachers and local officials gathered to rally at Miami Norland Senior High School Monday afternoon.

They’re hoping President Obama’s job bill goes through, as they say it would mean much needed construction jobs for the unemployed and much needed funding for the districts schools.

If passed, Miami-Dade would get 267 million dollars to help with school construction.

It is money that would help but not solve the entire problem.

Miami Norland Senior High School is a 50 year old building. Students learn in as many as a dozen portable classrooms. Some portables are 20 years old and falling apart.

“I even attended Norland and I graduated in 89 and it’s still the same way,” said Roxanne Estwick, a parent. “You know it should be redone so the children’s sprits can be uplifted and you know feel much better about it.”

It would cost 30 to 32 million dollars to build a new school. District officials said if they were to rebuild or repair all of its schools like Norland it would cost close to 2 billion dollars. The district only has 20 million in funding.

“This is not unique to Miami Norland,” said Jaime Torrens, the Chief Facilities Officer for Miami Dade Schools.  “This is a situation throughout the district. We have half of our schools are over 40 years old and about a third of them are 50 years old.”

  1. Jeff says:

    Great plan, except that 90% of school construction projects are done over the summer, when students are not there. If it’s immediate work that is people want, how about cancelling Obamacare so that companies will hire workers?