MIAMI (CBS4) – A Miami woman who was hit by a car while trying to cross a very dark street has died from her injuries.

Miami Police spokesperson Napier Velazquez confirmed to CBS4 that Thelma Morrow, 52, passed away on Saturday, nearly three weeks after being hit by a car near Northwest 7th Avenue and 59th Street.

Police say on September 7, Morrow was walking to get something to eat in the rain when she was hit by a Toyota Corolla. The driver told police he did not see her, due to the rain and nearly pitch black conditions on the street.

The darkness has been blamed on thieves stealing copper wiring from the light poles. Police say a 40 block stretch was affected.

Public Works says it has now fixed all the County-owned street lights that were out after the copper thefts.

County Commissioner Audrey Edmonson is hoping to prevent the thefts from happening again, by creating a copper task force. Tuesday, a committee voted to move the task force forward to the full commission for a vote.

The task force will focus on including the scrap yard industry, to prevent businesses from buying stolen copper.