WASHINGTON (CBS4) – After getting more than double the votes of his opponents in a Republican straw vote in Florida over the weekend, businessman Herman Cain said the “voice of the people is more powerful than the voice of the media.”

On NBC’s “Today” show, Cain said the outcome of the poll was authentic but should not be taken as a statement against Texas Gov. Rick Perry.

“People are listening to the message and not just, with all due respect, to the media,” said Cain.

Cain won roughly 37 percent of the vote, compared to 15 percent for Perry and 14 percent for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney.

Cain said he doubts Perry’s poor showing was the result of his uneven performance earlier in the week in the Orlando candidate debate.

Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman-Schultz said it really doesn’t matter who the Republican nominee is because Florida seniors aren’t buying the message.

“We need a President like Obama who is going to focus on job, not one job the presidency, but American jobs,” Wasserman-Schultz said.

Florida’s straw poll has correctly picked the eventual Republican nominee three times, but experts say it’s still way too early to say any GOP candidate is the true leader.

“Sooner or later, one of the candidates will pull ahead and become the consensus candidate,” said Professor Charles Zelden. “There will be a second challenger and that will play out in the primary elections.”

Until Saturday, the GOP horse race was a two-man contest between Rick Perry and Mitt Romney. With Cain’s Florida victory, he’s established himself in the conversation and could be setting up his run as a vice-presidential candidate as well.

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  1. NoMoLib says:

    If the primary was held today Cain would definitely have my vote. And I kind of wish it was, due to Perry making the whole thing unbearable to watch.

    Note: I live in Michigan, supposedly “Romney Country.” But I want no part of that mess…check out Cain’s extraordinary record of achievement and you, too, will say:

    Rock me like a Herman Cain!!

    1. Klaus says:

      Cain’s plan to institute a national sales tax, starting at 9%, in addition to your state’s sales tax, will rock your wallet. Like Obama, Cain will keep the IRS and corporate tax (which gets passed on to the consumer). Like Obama, Cain will continue the endless wars and the cameras on every street corner and the foreign aid. Cain isn’t Obama Lite, he’s Obama Deep Dish.

      In contrast to Cain, Ron Paul will eliminate the IRS, the endless wars, the cameras on every street corner (DHS, TSA, Patriot Act, etc.), and foreign aid. And he won’t institute a national sales tax. That’s a tax America doesn’t need.

      1. Beez says:

        That’s a gross misrepresentation of Cain’s support of the Fair Tax. He wants to abolish the IRS and federal income taxes. You are either misinformed, or lying.

      2. RLABruce says:

        NO ONE can abolish the IRS. Congress gets too much of its power and control over we the people through the IRS for them to ever give it up.

      3. Beez says:

        RLABruce, you may ultimately be right, but that’s a different argument.

      4. Klaus says:

        Beez, Cain clearly states the IRS is the first leg of his 9-9-9 triple taxation scheme. 9% federal income tax on everyone (plus state income tax), 9% corporate tax (which will be passed on to the consumer), and 9% national sales tax (plus state sales tax). “Keep the change” is all we’ll have left after Cain cleans out our wallets.

  2. Sparky2 says:

    I watched the Today Show on NBC this morning interviewing Herman Cain. It was hilarious because NBC dispises true conservatives, and Cain is a true consevative….but he’s black! So here interviewer Ann Curry being a true liberal and believes any black has to be right, is squirming on how to handle the interview even after Cain took a shot at the mainstream media. It was a fantastic win for Herman Cain.

    1. truth says:

      Herman Cain was the head of the federal reserve in KC. How can you think this guy is anything other than a NEOCON? This guy is another bush/obama clone.

      1. Dennis in WV says:

        Stop guessing.

      2. Joe says:

        So being on one of the Federal Reserve Bank boards makes someone a “Neo Con”? Do you even know (outside of the constructed pejoritive) what a neo-con is? It’s by definition someone who as a leftist, saw it’s failure, and became an advocate of Conservative policies.

        Cain’s pair clanks when he walks compared to the leftist in the White House and the idiotically outsided apparatus trying to construct his policies and words for him. Unlike the president, Cain’s outlook aligns closely with that of the majority of Americans.

        By the way, “Truth,”I lived behind the Iron Curtain. One of the great jokes was the naming of the Soviet propaganda rag “Pravda”, which translates as “truth”, as though by way of the name alone, it was expecting never to be questioned.

      3. CerpherJoe says:

        He may not be a NEOCON, but he does have a serious problem, namely TARP. He loved it.

        Now no one is perfect, and I love Herman Cain for everything else. But, we’ve got to get him to re-think this TARP nonsense.

      4. Regulas says:

        no, but you are another dunkoff liberal

  3. Ben Dover says:

    When is the media going to admin that Romney and Perry are NOT the front runners?

    I saw a “Straw Poll Preview” on one of the new channels that predicted the FL straw poll would have Romney and Perry in the #1 and #2 slots with like 26% and 24% of the votes. Cain was predicted to get like 8%. Why bother trying to tell us what a straw poll’s result will be?

    When will news people go back to telling us what happened, instead of what they wished would happen.

  4. Teacookies says:

    Good Luck Mr. Cain!!! The media doesn’t want to focus on someone like yourself and Mr. Paul…..men with good ideas and intelligence! Hang in there!

    1. Paul says:

      Exactly, Teacookies. They have no easy way to dispute him other than name-calling, i.e – uncle Tom, etc. I hope Herman chooses Allen West as his running mate, then we’d have a dream team – 2 true American men of principle who happen to be black, not a phoney baloney imposter who also (by the way) knows nothing of the true American black experience. Oh, I’m white as snow by the way.

  5. Gary says:

    The establishment media is about to be taken to the woodshed. Herman is for real and his message is exactly on-target. The pundits are about to find out who really runs this country and it is not NY or DC media nor the establishment. If I were a reali estate investor I would not begin to sell any property I had around the beltway. It’s going to get hit hard when the power returns to the states.

    1. Sylvestor Johnson says:

      Not really, but he is ok. I don’t like the fact he is part of the Federal Reserve system. He doesn’t talk about it, but ANYONE can be a wolf in sheeps clothing.

      I’m still voting for Ron Paul. No one else compares to him. Cain represents more of the status quo.

  6. Gary says:

    Actually, I meant to say I WOULD sell any property I had in the beltway area. Watch is the values begin to decline.

  7. Crispus Attucks says:

    It’s too bad that Cain didn’t run in the last presidential election! Obama has alienated the White public so much that it’s delusional to think America would ever elect consecutive Black presidents! In other words, any Black man (no matter how qualified) stands a snowball’s chance in h*ll of getting elected ever again. My opinion from ~A Black former democrat who is now an Independent.

    1. color not the issue says:

      you are wrong, I am white and do not vote for race, I look at the issues, responses, and listen to what the candidates actually have to say. I would fully support Herman Cain for president and so would alot of whites at there…. just take a look at his fb site…

    2. swampthng says:

      Now see that’s because in the last election the president was elected for the color of his skin. This election will be decided on the character not skin color.

    3. reepicheep says:

      I’m not sure Crispus. I’m pasty white and in the conservative heartland, and I think most of us think Obama is a bad president because he is a bad president. We would love a really good conservative candidate. If they happen to be a minority or a woman, most of us think “so much the better!” The republican party freed the slaves and stopped segregation, and conservatives are VERY tired of being called racists because we judge people by the content of their character rather than color or gender.

    4. CerpherJoe says:

      You’re headed in the right direction Crispie, but you’ve got a way to go….

  8. Coliver says:

    I think Hermain is the real deal and is just what this country needs to get back on track. He is down to earth and very humble IMHO. I think it’s a shame the media is trying to pick the best candidate and is overlooking who is the best candidiate for our needs. I started hearing Cain several years ago as a substitue radio talk show host, and I have been inpressed with him. If he is able to pull down the nomination, it will be interesting to see how the Dems/media play down the race issue.

  9. BOB says:


    1. Bob says:

      That sample size is about twice as large as most polling companies use. Next time you see a poll, look at the sample size they use. Usually around 1000 with errors of +/- 3 points.

  10. john says:

    OK, who forgot to tell the republicans in Florida that they’re all racists?

  11. toottee says:

    Bravo Mr. Cain! As a lifelong but-not-any-more Democrat and a new Tea Party member I support you all the way. Media can go pound sand all it wants, they are NOT LEGITIMATE any more. They went down w/ their suspect messiah. Still, watch your back w/ these vermin! Remember they have no “heart” as suspect Perry would put it, and they’ll do their best to do a Sarah Palin to you too — granted a lot trickier for these fraud hyper-radical hijackers of the Democratic Party..

  12. Sparky2 says:

    Crispus is right. If Herman Cain had run in the last election getting the same message out that he is doing this year, he very possibly could be our president. But Obama has done so much to damage the ‘black’ image because of his horrible polices, that many voters will have trouble separating the message from the image. Its very unfortunate because Cain is right on with conservative Republican thinking.

  13. w.hill says:

    where was the media ,when ron paul won the Ca. straw poll a couple weeks ago. why do they keep telling us that perry or romney are the front runners.

  14. Sha Sene says:



    Umm, it’s more than twice of any pollster like Gallup, who just makes up their results.

    1. ManOnPoint says:

      Actually, a random sample of 30 or more is all it takes to be accurate. 2800 is actually the population because it is ALL the voters and is the most accurate. Gallup, Quinnipac, Rasmussen, have random sample sizes of at least 1000 because polling is VERY expensive. (Think of the Census every 10 years, it costs billions.)

  15. jb653 says:

    Mr. Cain is a wonderful man and would make an excellent President. If anyone wants to donate to his campaign, go to his Facebook page. Way to go Mr. Cain!!

  16. Ahmed Anassofu says:

    Yes We Cain

  17. JohnRalph says:

    Herman Cain is an American we can be proud of, who happens too be black.

    Obama is half American hillbilly gutter trash and half Muslim Jihadist.

    I also took Newsweek editor Evan Thomas’ advice: “I mean in a way Obama’s standing above the country, above – above the world, he’s sort of God.”

    I was up all night praying to my Mein Lord God High Führer Obama, but alas it didn’t stop the madness.

  18. Joanne says:

    Herman Cain is not just the former CEO of a pizza company. He also served on the Kansas City Fed. Truly a man who know jobs and economics.

    1. CerpherJoe says:

      I’m warning you. Be careful. The guy loved TARP. Now I think he’s great on everything else. But we have to look closely. Very closely. I’d get him to change his opinion about TARP and its legacy of ‘moral hazard’. The Fed defends banks with American’s money via the value of the dollar. Be very careful.

    2. Klaus says:

      As if Greenspan and Bernanke know jobs and the economy. If they did, we wouldn’t be in this depression and on the verge of total economic collapse. End the Fed now. And keep Fed enablers like Cain far away from the White House.

    3. Klaus says:

      As if Greenspan and Bernanke know jobs and economics. If they did, we wouldn’t be in this depression and on the verge of total economic collapse. End the Fed now. And keep Fed insiders like Cain far away from the White House.

  19. Tim Ritchie says:

    I will vote for ANY person who has a SS# issued in a state they actually lived in.
    They must be able to produced on request, a legal certified paper copy of their birth certificate and all their college and university transcripts.

    MLK, a registered Republican,spoke these words,

    “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

    That day has come. Let us all vote for a man ,not because of the color of his skin, but the content of his character.

    Keep on talking Herman,this white boy is listening and he likes what he hears.

    And if you for one moment think Obama’s birth certificate is legit, research a person called Sun Yat-sen. The Chinese revolutionary leader who also had a birth certificate issued in Hawaii .

  20. Jerkface says:

    The introduction that the Today Show gave Cain was absurd. Introducing him, then calling him “not really a viable candidate”. What the hell does that mean!? what the hell is a viable candidate? The status quo? Look where the status quo has taken us in the last 50 years. How arrogant do you have to be to think that you can decide for us who we need to vote for. According to the media, the only two options the GOP has are the two “front running” slops they splattered on our plates. Sorry, but anybody with a mind of their own should not eat from the media’s plates.

  21. moron says:

    Not only does Obama need to be disposed of, the liberal elitist press does as well. Herman, good show, we support you.

  22. Mic says:

    Herman Cain is real … the press mostly lacks realness … the press is mostly bogus; mostly has an “anti-America” slant … the press as in ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, New York Times, Washington Post, and more … said more, from time to time, includes FoxNews.

  23. gneubeck says:

    Hey Barack, whoever is writing your latest teleprompter scripts is making you look increasingly like a whining fool. Particularly when they script in the Ebonics, presumably to appeal to your hardcore base. The factual consequence is simply a reaffirmation of the divisive nature of your political vent. When you exhort your Kool-Aid crowd to “take to the streets” in opposition to those who reject your Socialistic agenda, you become a virtual menace to the orderly conduct of Government. There is a growing characterization of you as a petulant adolescent whimpering to your Mommy about your school-mates who mock your over-sized ears. It’s NOT YOUR EARS that are the issue Barack, it’s the economically destructive consequences of your Marxist policies. Greg Neubeck

  24. Hiheels says:

    The media is still stuck in dumb. Florida is telling the media and the GOP , they do not have nose rings and will not be mis-led by them. It is a well known fact now that they are in Soros’ pockets.. Only those of ill mind or weak character will follow the teleprompter

  25. TheRealKingMax says:

    Joey Teem drooled, “Dude sounds like another bought and paid for idiot. A token black man at best”.

    Maybe you’re right, Joey.

    Takes one to know one.

    Go back to your hole in the ground, or the DNC (same thing).

  26. Tom says:

    If people were listening to the message Ron Paul would be ahead in a landslide.

  27. Dennis in WV says:

    Herman Cain is everything voters mistakenly thought they were getting with Obama.

    Cain is the real deal. The Godfather!

  28. Speedy Gonzalez says:

    We gonna beat Obama with a Cain! Hoooorah! In all seriousness though, I started as a Bachmann supporter because her ideals and morals mirror mine. But she just isn’t presidential I have come to realize. Too many gaffes, uninspired speaking tone, and a billion soundbytes just waiting to be thrown in her face if she were the nominee. As the supposed frontrunners Romney and Perry are frauds, that leaves me with Cain. Not digging the 9% sales tax thing though. How about 9-9-3 or something man?

  29. Buh-whee says:

    The best way to beat Øbama…is with a Cain!

  30. Lucy says:

    I love Herman Cain! He’s got my vote, and I’m a white female. So there!

  31. EMMA says:

    If the other 95% of the media would let the rest of the people know what Obama is really doing with this country maybe they would change their stupid minds. Very few media put the truth out their about him, they need to stop protecting him and tell it like it is. He has ruined everything.

  32. Timmbo72 says:

    I am a card carrying Dem. I do have to admit though, I really like this guy. For once it seems we have a straight up guy who puts his foot down to say what he really thinks despite how the media will report it. I really dont like the idea of Obama winning again, and I would rather eat razor blades than vote for Perry (Im a Texan). So far I think Cain has my vote.

    1. Klaus says:

      If you liked Obama, Cain will be a great choice for you. He will do more of the same as Obama did, plus he’ll add a 9% (for starters) national sales tax to really sock it to the rich. Everyone will then be rich in America under Cain. His 9+9+9 plan = 27% federal tax on every carbon dioxide-emitting citizen, plus state income and sales taxes. If you like big spending and bigger taxes, Cain is your man.

      1. Klaus says:

        Beez, Cain’s 9-9-9 plan sounds like a 666 plan to me. 9% national sales tax added onto the 9% IRS personal income tax and the 9% corporate income tax (which is passed on to the consumer). The devilish part of his scheme is it’s a sneaky way to start yet another new tax. And that 9% will go up as soon as the next Fed puppet gets in after him. Cain is the set up man to slam dunk Americans’ pocketbooks into the waiting arms of his bankster bosses. Don’t fall for the Cain con.

  33. Ellie Enlightened says:

    I think the people have learned not to listen to the media. They WILL NOT pick our candidate. The other thin about Herman Cain. is HE IS NOT AN ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT. This is what this country needs. Someone so far removed from the rat race covernement. Someone who did experience slavery and racism and still obtained the American Dream. He understands. Career politicians DO NOT. This is the shake up we are waiting for. For those whining about he Federal Reserve is that all you got?

    1. Ellie ENnlightened says:

      Sorry about the typing errors ut you get the idea.

  34. csamples says:

    cain kills obama in the next election,this time the lord approves.

  35. knjigovodstvo fimak says:

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