MIAMI (CBS4) – Miami Police have three people in custody after they led officers on a wild chase through the city.

The early morning escapade started at a Miami CVS drugstore along NW 7th Street and 57th Avenue where two men stole two television sets, according to police. The men, police said, then crossed the street to a Walgreens and stolen $1,000 worth of cigarettes.

The men, and a woman, left the scene in a speedy black car and investigators said they were possibly armed with a deadly weapon.

When officers tried to apprehend the thieves at NW 14th Street and 27th Avenue, police said they rammed two police cruisers and injured one officer. The injuries were non-life threatening.

A high speed police chase then ensued through the streets of Miami, dangerously zig-zagging and swiftly crossing street after street. The woman bailed out of the speeding car at NW 13th Avenue and 46th Street and the car kept going.

She sustained minor injuries and was taken into custody.

About two blocks away, at NW 15th Avenue and 47th Street, the speeding car stopped and the two men made a run for it.

Police set up a five block perimeter and caught both men in just a few minutes.

All three suspects are expected to be charged with Battery on an Officer.


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