CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – Police in Coral Springs have credited an alert resident for helping them catch a man who reportedly tried to rape a hotel clerk.

Police say the situation unfolded at the La Quinta Inn & Suites at 3701 University Drive on Thursday morning around 4:45. Police say the suspect — Maurice Miller, out of prison less than 5 days — tried to sexually assault a front desk employee.

According to police, Miller asked the female worker for room rates and a pair of napkins. Minutes later, he returned and said the vending machine had taken his money. The employee said she would give him a refund if he provided his room information. He could not.

A short time later, after the employee went into an office to work, she heard the door to the office open. Police said it was Miller, who had hopped the front counter, trying to get her.

“Mr. Miller was only wearing a t-shirt,” explained Coral Springs Police Spokesman Lt. Joe McHugh. “He actually had nothing on underneath and he was holding his penis in his hand. He forced her into a back office and tried to rape her at that point.”

McHugh said the victim fought back with her fists and her lungs.

“She did one of the best things you can do by yelling and screaming to call attention to yourself so other people can come and help,” McHugh said.

Police say the employee suffered a swollen lip and is in pain after being punched in the head and face.

Miller fled, police say. A search ensued by ground and air. Officers had no luck finding Miller.

Then around 8:45 a phone call came in to 911. A woman who lives in the area of the hotel saw a suspicious man in her neighborhood. She decided to report the man to police.

“I know my neighbors and I know he wasn’t a neighbor,” the resident, who did not wish to be named, told CBS 4 News’ Carey Codd.

Police responded and found the man, who matched the description of the hotel attacker. The victim picked the man out of a photo line-up and Maurice Miller was arrested, after a police K-9 tracked him down. Miller suffered a couple of dog bites and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

Police say the resident did the right thing.

“This person did a tremendous job by making the phone call and ultimately taking a sexual battery suspect off the street,” McHugh said.

State records show Miller left the Jackson Correctional Institution on Saturday, after serving time for aggravated assault, aggravated fleeing to elude police and false imprisonment.

“That is an individual that is extremely sick,” McHugh said. “Obviously he’s just released from prison on September 17 and now he attempts to rape an individual. What is going through the mind of that individual? I have no idea.”

Miller is locked up at the Broward County Jail on charges of attempted sexual battery, burglary and exposure of sexual organs.

The resident who called 911 said she’s glad Miller is off the streets.

“I’m happy that he’s not gonna hurt somebody else,” she said.

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  1. yokolee says:

    Goo Lord with those LIPS how can you miss him?

  2. Carol says:

    Now that all needs to happen he needs to remain in prison for the rest of life and let the rest of the prisoners know what he did and he won’t last long at all.

  3. steve says:

    And we let them out of prison…I feel completely safe….NOT…..and it’s a black male..SHOCKER…

  4. Aimee says:

    To think about 5:00 on thursday morning I went out to smoke a ciggarette outside my apartment and I live the next light over from the hotel this happened at and I thought I heard a low flying plane so i looked because its weird in coral springs to have a low flying plane then it turned around I said gee that weird for a plane to just turn around like that in the middle of the night and its flying low I realized after I saw the spot light it was a helecopter I said gee there looking for someone. Now I hear about this that must have been who they were looking for was this guy then at 6:30 when i went to walk my dog there was no helecopter the report says that the woman called the cops at 8:45 so that means even though they didn’t find him they just stopped looking. Wow to think he was gonna get away.

  5. guest says:

    All of yall racist white people need to go to hell how would u feel if you was locked down 23 hours a day for nine months. you would probably go crazy too yea its obvious he’s ill but you white people expect to throw people in the hole then free them expecting then to be sane. And white people do crazy things to so don’t even go there.

  6. ms miller says:

    Maurice is ill he diagnosed with a mental illness he would of never do that have mercey on him dont be racist he schoferna he suffers from that he dont need to be in jail he need to be in a mental hospitail get the help he needs someone help him understand he only 23 years old dont throw his life away people understand he mental crazy his mind is not right

  7. ms miller says:

    Maurice been molested 5times as a kid he mentaly ill he have mind of 12year old he needs help not jail white people understand he a good kid he needs help forgve him as god would do someone please help him he sorry forgvness understand he very ill

  8. tiffany says:

    I think he deserves forgiveness and help, everybody makes mistakes and need help with fixing them, they should’nt treat him like trash cause he’s not