FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) – Dozens of dogs rescued from a Florida puppy mill will be ready for adoption at the Broward Humane Society by the end of the week.

Officials from the Broward Humane Society drove to Clewiston Tuesday to retrieve 46 dogs from an animal breeding facility which was overcrowded with more than 200 dogs.

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“They’re whole purpose in life was to breed, create puppies, then they were either sold online or sent to pet stores all over South Florida,” said Cherie Wachter of the Broward Humane Society.

The dogs arrived at the Broward Humane Society late Tuesday night.

“I’ve seen everything from poodles, to a beautiful boxer,” said Wachter.

Veterinarians began examining the dogs Wednesday.

“We’ve seen a lot of skin problems, you can see she’s got a little scabs, wounds on there, they call it fly strikes, from flies biting their ears, dirty conditions,” Christine Mitchell from the Humane Society of Broward County pointed out as she caressed a dog’s ears.

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In addition to some minor medical care, they will need lots of love and patience, according to Wachter.

“I’m sure some of these dogs haven’t been very well socialized with people. When you have that many animals in a facility it’s hard to give them all a lot of attention. Think of your dog at home and how much attention it wants when you get home from work,” said Wachter.

Kenrah Griffin saw the video of where the dogs came from.  She plans on adopting one.  She said she can’t believe these dogs were used for nothing more than breeding.

“It’s disgusting.  It’s actually heartbreaking as well because these are like, part of the family some times.  You hate to see them suffer like you hate to see your children suffer,” said Griffin.

Wachter said they hope to be able to put some of the dogs rescue from Clewiston available for adoption either Thursday afternoon or Friday morning.

If you’re interested in adopting one of the dogs, or need more information, click here for the Broward Humane Society web site or call (954) 989-3977. The Broward Humane Society is located at 2070 Griffin Road in Fort Lauderdale.

Don’t forget about Waggin’ Wednesdays where all adoption fees are half off.

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If you can’t adopt a dog but would like to help out, the Humane Society is accepting monetary donations along with towels and dog toys.

Ted Scouten