ORLANDO (CBS4)-A Florida judge says pay up Casey Anthony. Anthony must pay almost $100,000 in law enforcement costs for investigating the death of her 2-year-old daughter.

Judge Belvin Perry’s ruling Thursday was well short of the more than $500,000 that prosecutors and law enforcement agencies in Orlando were seeking.

Anthony was acquitted in July on charges of murdering her daughter, Caylee. But the 25-year-old was convicted of four counts of lying to authorities. She told officers a baby sitter had the child. Authorities later learned the baby sitter never existed, but the investigation drained manpower.

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Casey Anthony may be in hiding following her acquittal in her daughter’s death, but Casey’s parents are talking about their family drama that made national headlines.

George and Cindy Anthony appeared on the season premiere of Dr. Phil on Tuesday on CBS4. The third part of the exclusive interview will air on Monday, September 19.

Read more on their interview here.

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Comments (52)
  1. Lina says:

    I hope the IRS keeps an eye on her cronies…she is making money (TMZ pics, etc) I hope they trace every last penny that may be hidden, set up under the guise of fake corporations under her attys.

    1. Your Mom says:

      You’re dumb. The IRS doesn’t enforce state judgements.

  2. M 1 says:

    Sure she’s white trash, and I guess most people assume she was involved (I didn’t care enough to follow it)… but she was acquitted. How can this be legal?

    Maybe they should bill the police supervisors who decided to expend so many resources on a case that fell flat on its face.

    1. JR says:

      She was found guilty of lying to police. This is to reimburse the police for the time and resources spent on investigations due to these lies.

  3. Mark Matis says:

    How ’bout this fine judge require the Orange County Sheriff’s Office, the Orange County District Attorney, and the lying witnesses for the prosecution to pay instead? If the Sheriff’s Office had bothered to do their job, Ms. Anthony might be in jail for life. If the District Attorney had not tried to grab for the Golden Ring in spite of the Sheriff’s Office incompetence, Ms. Anthony would probably have been convicted of at least manslaughter. And the damnable lying swill passing themselves off as “experts” for the Prosecution lied under oath FAR MORE than Ms. Anthony ever did.

    The stench is overwhelming.

  4. Rob says:

    she wasn’t acquitted of providing false information to law enforcement. She was found guilty on 4 counts and was given a sentence of 4 years in jail for those. The investigations were costly for the state of florida based on false information that they thought was truth… she was found guilty, this is part of the penalty…

    They are not charging her for costs related to the death of her daughter, just the investigation which didn’t need to happen if she didn’t lie.

  5. greg says:

    youre a disgusting human being

    1. Matt Filipczuk says:

      why? Casey anthony should be innocent, unless you know how she killed her child, when and where? THose are usually good questions to know before you sentence someone to jail, and possibly to death. Unless you think we should send people to jail without any evidence?

      1. notthatsmart says:

        She was found guilty of lying to police you illiterate moron.

    2. sam says:

      no, he’s right greg.

      put yourself in her position. you win your case and then the state says, well since we didn’t win, here’s the bill.

      it’s bull and you know it

    3. chuck s says:

      the system is supposed to work like–I won and walk free without a bill from your friendly police department. She should tell them to go straight to hell!

    4. bongiojf says:

      Sam, I originally agreed with you but consider this… She was convicted on 4 counts of lying to Police which, by insinuation, if she had not the Police would not have expended so many resources. It is somewhat CS however because I don;t think that many other people are fined, or fined very much, when caught lying to the police. Then on the other hand… The fee should have been considered in the sentencing phase.

  6. tyrcook says:

    Chances of them getting one red cent is nil.

  7. Lee Yarbrough says:

    So a person that is acquitted has to pay the costs of the government charging them yet those found guilty go to jail and leave the taxpayers paying all the costs.

    Seems someone is trying to get even because they could not find her guilty here.

    1. Mighty Design Studio says:

      The police wasted a lot of time and resources looking for a little girl that was not missing. This has nothing to do with the case, only with what her lies cost the state when she had them go with her to a job she didn’t have, go looking for a person that didn’t exist. Etc.

  8. David says:

    Please, please… enough is enough.. she got away with murder .. we mus not let her get rich off this evil

  9. failbot says:

    Dear Lee Yarbrough, M 1, and Tony
    Only you are responsible for your complete and utter failure at reading comprehension. Reread the article. She already knew her daughter was dead, as established in court, yet she told police her daughter was kidnapped. This lie sent law enforcement on a half million dollar wild goose chase after a fictitious nanny. I’m sure if you pay taxes in Florida you would have much preferred Casey got nailed for the full $500,000. You basically subsided her heinous lies.

  10. jaaron says:

    I’m appalled that a judge would allow this! Know citizens are going to have to cover investigation costs? What the Hell! Some times I think the sate governments are as criminal as the people they lock away. She has been sentenced for her crime. This is a state being a sore loser and trying to get vengeance. The sate should be embarrassed and because of this, more ashamed!

    1. fern says:

      She was found GUILTY of lying to investigators.I know the Casey fans are generally not too bright/undereducated, but this is not complicated.

    2. Roger says:

      You are illiterate.

      Please read the article again and try to understand it.

      I’m amazed you’re able to operate a computer.

  11. pie says:

    Get to have a second chance if you don’t like the verdict.

    Why have a judge, and jury at all if the court system gets to choose an alternative punishment for Casey because she was found not guilty of murder.

    1. Roger says:

      I guess you didn’t read the article.

      She was convicted of 4 counts of telling lies to the police. Those lies resulted in a half million dollar search for a child that was dead.

      You simply cannot lie to the cops, start and investigation, be CONVICTED of this crime, and walk away without paying.

  12. Montford John Greenwood says:

    Time to file bankruptcy.

  13. David says:

    Casey Anthony aside, this is a terrible abuse of judicial authority. Like it or not, she was acquitted because the prosecution was unable to make it’s case. Taxes are paid to law enforcement to investigate crimes like this. It’s frightening to think that ANY family can be forced to pay for the costs of an investigation just because the police or the courts ” think ” they’re guilty of murder even after a jury found them not guilty.

    1. fern says:

      She wasn’t acquitted of the lying charges. If you can’t keep up, don’t bother commenting.

    2. farquar says:

      Two words:

      Reading Comprehension.

      Get some

  14. Jude says:

    Geeez! It is because the defense declared that she knew her daughter was deceased and let the taxpayers money (not to mention other sourses who fled to Fla to search) be spent investigating the possible whereabouts. She obstructed justice, duh. Get ii? Not a matter of recourse or getting even. How stupid are some of you?

  15. Jude says:

    Meant “sources”, and, “it”.

  16. Isaac says:

    And what happens when an innocent person is incarcerated and years later he/she is declared innocent? Does the state pays he/she salaries lost? any form of monetary compensation? ….Then why she has to pay 100k?. Justice was done, whether we like the outcome or not, if she is going to make money from a book, a movie or TMZ (isn’t that the “American Way”?) that is irrelevant. The point here is the abuse of power.

    1. notthatsmart says:

      Umm YES people who are found to have been wrongfully accused ARE compensated substantially. God, you casey fans are an embarrassment. Can you get anything right??

  17. Grace says:

    If you don’t live in Florida then I guess it doesn’t matter to you that the Florida TAXPAYER’S have to pay the bill that led to looking for a little girl that wasn’t missing but murdered. Does that make sense to the people that think that just because she wasn’t convicted that she is not responsible for the costs that were done because of her lies? In other words, they wouldn’t have looked for Caylee had Casey Anthony not said she was kidnapped.

  18. Ricardoh says:

    They lost the case how can they charge he?. Do they charge everyone who has a lost or murdered kid?

  19. jharry3 says:

    This is a horrible precedent.
    The government fails to make a case so the aquitted gets a bill?
    This is lose/lose for everyone because there does not seem to be any law to back up this.

    The cops should have waited untl they had a case.
    There is no statue of limitations on murder so spending more time to get the ducks in a proper row would not have hurt.

    1. Mark Matis says:

      The cops COULDN’T get their “ducks in a row” because the Orange County Sheriff’s Office didn’t bother to do their job. The meter reader reported the bag to them on August 11, 12, and 13. “Law Enforcement” said there was nothing there, and told him to quit calling. He finally went back in December and picked up the bag, allegedly finding Caylee’s body. If the bag was there in August but “Law Enforcement” didn’t bother to look, there was no way for them to “get their ducks in a row”, at least none beyond the DA’s successful attempt to get “expert” witnesses to perjure themselves in hope of conviction. Ms. Anthony’s lies have NOTHING on the lies of those “expert” witnesses. But the “Legal” system seems to have NO interest in prosecuting them. The stench is overwhelming.

    2. ny9solyndra says:

      Waiting doesn’t always make things better. Witnesses may forget details or become unavailable. People lose interest. We don’t know for a fact that they’d come up with a better case if they waited. They had all their experts quite familiar with the facts right then.

  20. SGT Ted says:

    The bill should go to the incompetent police and prosecutors who thought they could win at trial with no physical evidence. I’d say that lying to police doesn’t rate a 100,000 fine either.

    1. ny9solyndra says:

      “I’d say that lying to police doesn’t rate a 100,000 fine either.”

      She isn’t being fined for lying. She is being fined for the HUGE amount of cost the police expended following up on those lies.

      They thought they were looking for a kidnapped child, so they pulled out all the stops and spared no expense.

  21. Stuart says:

    She didn’t beat the system in regards to being found guilty for lying to the police, moron. She beat it for the murder charge. Sorry, but pay up.

  22. pugsly says:

    But she didn’t win…found quilty on 4 counts….penalty is a fine.

  23. Forrest Higgs says:

    Remind me to stay the hell out of Florida. Those guys are totally out of control.

    1. ny9solyndra says:

      Yeah, because the result of one disputed legal case is proof that the entire state is a mess….

  24. ny9solyndra says:

    She WAS convicted of lying to the police.

    By doing so, she caused them to expend a LOT of resources that they could have used to help other people.

    She should pay them back.

    1. dchoda says:

      What was her alternative, admit to murdering her daughter and go to jail for murder. The justice system is nothing but a corrupt money machine. They’ll never see a dime of this money when she leaves the state after her needless probation is over.

  25. Dave says:

    I hear she has found herself a sugar daddy and is moving to Mexico. One can only hope that will cross someone in the mexican drug cartel and she’ll end up the same way her poor little defenseless daughter did.

  26. danny says:

    States have the right to charge people for services rendered. Casey Anthony lied to authorities about the location of her daughter, and cost the state many hours of man power, AKA your tax dollars. Her guilt or innocence is not the subject. Plenty of people are ordered by states to pay back when they find that the person has misled them. It comes in different forms. Probation,community service and restitution are the most common.

  27. fern says:

    No, my intellectually disabled friend. She was found GUILTY on 4 felony counts of lying to investigators. This has nothing to do with the murder. Case. Try to keep up!

  28. ny9solyndra says:

    Along with the fine, she should be required to get her ovaries removed to reduce the chance she destroys another child in the future.

  29. She WAS convicted of lying says:

    Hopefully, this is just the beginning. Texas Equusearch spent around $100,000 and many, many manhours looking for Caley. They spent this time and money because they were lied to. It is only right that they be reimbursed, not to mention that Equusearch wasn’t able to help other people look for their missing loved ones, simply because Casey Anthony lied.

    This is a fair and just punishment for her conviction telling lies to the police and only represents about 20 percent of what was actually spent. She’s getting off easy!

  30. JohnRalph says:

    This is a travesty of justice. This all American s!ut hottie deserves to have American tax payers pick up the tab. She has achieved American celebrity status and not only deserves our money but our praise and worship.

  31. keepupfern says:

    Fern, my intellectually disabled friend, Casey was convicted of four misdemeanors, NOT felonies. Like you keep telling people: Try to keep up, or don’t bother commenting. You don’t seem very bright, but it’s not complicated. 🙂

  32. dvanilla says:

    Casey Anthony is Caylee Anthony’s mother and have been aquitted. At least she can tell what happened to her child. She owe that much to that little innocent little girl. Knowing they cannot try her again will give everyone an idea of what might have happened. That is the truth and nothing but the truth, no more long lies.

  33. Sharring says:

    If normally tax payers pay for these type of investigations but because they could not find her guilty the judge decided this time that she should have to pay then shouldn’t the taxpayers be reimbursed the money that was spent?

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