MIAMI ( – As South Florida continues to get slammed every year by personal injury protection fraud; an assortment of groups came together Thursday to educate people how to fight auto accident fraud.

Allstate Insurance, along with the Miami-Dade Police Department, Florida Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater, and the Insurance Information Institute put together demonstrations Thursday to show how accidents are staged to commit fraud.

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“Fraudsters and criminal enterprises have learned how to game Florida’s auto insurance system and every honest Floridian with a car on the road ends up paying,” Atwater said. “We remain committed to pursuing those individuals responsible for these crimes and we will seek justice.”

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It was a sentiment echoed by Director James Loftus of the Miami-Dade Police Department.

“Insurance fraud is a crime that affects all of us directly, by impacting our economy, and the cost is passed on to all of us by way of our premiums,” Lofts said.

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For its part, Allstate said it has a dedicated team of investigators fighting fraud. Atwater said he has given the Florida Consumer Advocate the task of working with key stakeholders across the state to fight the PIP problem.