SUNNY ISLES (CBS4) – It was just a trip 10 houses down the street on his bike, but that trip ended with a world of pain for 6 year-old Jacob Shaked. A car slammed into the boy Friday, crushing his bike like it did his body, and the person responsible just drove away.

Jacob survived, and is the hospital connected to tubes as he tries to recover from injured organs and broken bones.

His family is devastated.

“Its heartbroke to see a child that flourishes in everything he does,” said father Yariv Shaked, “and suddenly you see him in a bed laying with tubes all over him.”

The Sunny Isles neighborhood where this happened is a gated community, with a low speed limit to protect kids just like Jacob. However, some complain the drivers ignore those speed limits, putting kids at risk.

Jacob is breathing with the help of a machine because of what one of those drivers did to him, and the fact that they left him in the street and drove away is one of the hardest things for Jacob’s dad to accept.

“That’s the hardest part about it is that if they would have hit my son and stopped I was able to forgive and I said accidents happen,” he said, “But the person hit my son and took off him laying on the street.”

“He’s in massive pain.”

Investigators are hoping someone may have seen something and will come forward, or even the driver might have a change of heart and step up to explain what happen. Police are hoping for a break, because even they are having a hard time with this one.

“You can’t see images like that and not be touched,” said Corporal Brian Schnell of the Sunny Isles Police Department. “All of you out there…tonight, you may be parents. Put yourself in this family’s shoes.”

“I’m scared when I see him like that,” Shaked said, “it really really affects me in a horrible way. I’m really shocked…you know I’m shocked to see my son like that.”

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  1. Vernon6 says:

    This is just horrible. On a side note, gated communities only offer the illusion of safety. Less eyes on the street means less chance for a witness to a robbery, hit and run, etc. I hope this child recovers fully and the perp is decapitated.

  2. Me says:

    Welcome to Miami. A six year old? Are there any kind or ethical people left in Miami? When he gets caught, have someone run him over! This is off topic, but I had someone at the mall today get very angry with me because I don’t speak Spanish. THIS IS AN ENGLISH SPEAKING COUNTRY!

    1. matador says:

      Then move to Ft Lauder……I mean West Palm Beach!!!!

  3. Jimbo99 says:

    Really wish the motorists in this community would look out for cyclists. Guess it’s difficult, many don’t look out for other motorists. I’m a cyclist often for the health & exercise of it, but I know I ride to live more often than live to ride with the dimwits that can’t operate a car door much more the car they operate on the roads. The Palmetto has thousands of these types. If you told them to go as slow as they do thru a school zone, you couldn’t keep them under the speed limit and that’s with children constantly crossing the streets. The one’s that keep stopping, do the rest of us a favor and stay on your couch. As for this kid, well, this is typical for a read of a tragic accident in South Florida. Disappointing, but expected.

  4. james says:

    You should watch after your children better and learn how to speak correct english.

  5. John Koontz says:

    Every person with any positive values would turn in any hit-and-run driver immediately. The frequencey of these types of incidents is astonishing. Why local and county law enforcement agencys haven’t cracked down HARD on this problem is beyond comprehension. Punishment for these crimes must be severe with no plea-bargains or lieniency for wealthy or ‘connected’ violators. Instead of tieing up 3 or 4 patrol cars for a fender bender, blocking traffic, as Davie P.D. frequently does, they should be patrolling neighborhoods, ticketing speeders and aggressive drivers and enforcing all traffic laws. And, I might add, driving within the laws themselves, as an example to others.

  6. Vivian says:

    I hit a parked car three weeks ago when I left work. No one saw me, but God and my conscious were something I knew would come to bite me. I left a note. The owner of the car was a hispanic elderly man. To make a story short I agree to pay the damages $584 in two payments, considering that I did not have insurance at the time. This man and his elderly wife are going thru such a financial difficult time. I know they got the repair cheaper if not free because of our earlier conversations. Is not how much it cost it should not had happen the first time. In return I had a new set of grandparents I never had before.
    God works in mysterious ways.

    1. Beano says:

      But you have insurance now, right, Vivian? Nice story, but how in the hell did you feel you have the right to get on the roads and risk hitting one of us without insurance?. The cops should have come to bite you. If you can’t afford insurance, take public transportation. You new grandparents should have reported you, to save the rest of us.

  7. noBS4me says:

    so the six year old was riding his bike on the street with no supervision. The driver should be castrated, in my opinion, and the parents should be charge with child endangerment. WHO LETS A SIX YEAR OLD DRIVE HIS BIKE ON THE STREET????????

    Sadly, the driver had to pass a test to get his license, but the parents, only had to pass the semen. It’s a tough way to learn you are an unfit parent.

    1. Stop BS says:

      yo BS, great name because thats what ur full of. I dont know where u live, but in my neighborhood, kids drive their bikes on the street all the time, just not the main roads. That includes six year olds, who also walk to school each day too. They’ll make you get a license to drive, but any misinformed, loudmouthed jaqqoff with a keyboard and a cheap renta-a-computer can spew on the web. Grow up.

      1. Mia says:

        You watch your child and make certain they ride on the sidewalk, in your driveway, take them to a park or school playground, ride with them, etc…there are lots of choices to make. Hope the little boy heals quickly but the parents should have been there watching him. Perhaps these comments will keep another child from getting hurt.

  8. noBS4me says:

    In case you are wondering, and before you all open your misinformed mouth, streets inside gated communities are CITY STREETS and subject to the same laws as any other street. Drive up to a gated community you don’t live in, and they have to let you in, all you have to do is show your driver’s license, they record it, and you are in. If they don’t let you in, call the police, they will explain to the guards that this is a city street.

  9. ken says:

    Tiffany Helberg (the ‘journalist’ of this story) needs to learn how to proofread her writing. Sloppy journalism at best. So Unprofessional. So what I’ve come to expect from this site.

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