MIAMI (CBS4) – Police are looking for the person who attacked an elderly woman as she walked home from the Metromover. Now police have a new surveillance video showing the robber immediately after he committed the crime.

Beatriz Nunez, 77, says she was beaten and bruised when the man seen in the video stole her purse in late June.

“And he pushed me,” she said.

She fell and hit her head. The left side of her face was bleeding and her elbow was broken. Just last week, doctors removed her cast.

It all happened on the morning of June 25th. Beatriz had just gotten off the Metromover at NW 1st Avenue and 6th Street. She was alone when she saw the man approaching her on the street.

“And I said, Oh my god,” she said.

Now the enhanced surveillance video from police shows someone in an SUV following the robber. At one point, the SUV driver even tries to stop him. The robber kept running.

But Beatriz says she isn’t worried about the $20 she lost, but the memories in her purse.

“Especially one rosary from my first trip to Mexico,” she said.

Beatriz collects dozens of rosaries. The one the robber stole has been in her wallets since the 1950s.

“It was very, very small. and I always kept it with me in my wallet. that is the thing that I regret most. All of the things that you keep as memories, and in a moment, they take everything from you,” she said.

Beatriz thinks the robber is in his late teens, police think he’s in his 20s. But if you recognize him, please call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS