MIAMI ( – The Florida High School Athletic Association has finally issued its penalties on the Dr. Krop High School athletics program and it’s going to be awhile before you see Dr. Krop in the playoffs again.

The FHSAA was investigating how students were on the basketball team, yet had bogus addresses with the school district. It was also investigating other problems with players on the boy’s basketball team at Dr. Krop.

The FHSAA fined the school $53,182, which is not as severe as the fine could have been. Krop High was originally facing fines of more than $300,000.

Miami-Dade Schools spokesperson John Schuster says the school board will appeal the penalties.

“I think that’s really unfortunate that amount of money or any amount of money was fined that school,” said Martin Karp, the school board member for Krop.

But even more troubling for many student athletes is the probationary punishment. The FHSAA placed the boy’s basketball team on three years’ probation and barred the team from appearing in the playoffs for the next three years.

“Frankly you know when you have a school that can not go into a state tournament for a number of years, then you’ve got probably a lack of interest on the part of the better athletes to attend.” said Marcos Moran, District Assistant Superintendent of school operations. “They’ll find a way to go to another school.”

That is exactly what Krop freshman Warren Bouchoucha is now considering after learning the news.  “The main reason why I came to this school is just to play basketball to tell you the truth,” said Bouchoucha. “So I mean if Krop is not going to be able to play for another three years for a championship, I guess I’m going to have to transfer.”

The ruling also upset other students who play on different teams at Krop. That is because the FHSAA put the entire athletic department on probation for one year, meaning any slip-up in another sport could cost the school a lot of money and possibly membership in the FHSAA.

“That is in an injustice,” said George’s Plummer, a member of the school’s baseball team.

The district said it plans to appeal the FHSAA’s ruling.

Comments (3)
  1. David Ramsey says:

    Let Shakey pay it. What a crude he is!

  2. Everett Hill says:

    A fine in High School athletics is absurd…The NCAA like death penalty should be sufficient. No school in these economic emergencies can foot such a fine anywhere.

  3. Mom says:

    Why is everyone focusing on Shakey Rodriguez and the monetary fine? What about the innocent students who put their heart and soul into playing basketball and are now seniors? Their last year at achieving their goals to play college ball have been shattered. The FHSAA should be ashamed at the manner in which they have handled any alleged wrongdoing. The student athletes are not at fault for anything whatsoever. C’mon….. these boys worked so hard to get where they are and are now being punished. In America, we are innocent until proven guilty, and yes… my son does play for Krop and it is a disgrace to say that the FHSAA has the players’ interests at heart. My son did absolutely noting wrong. I am going to pursue whatever options are available to hold the FHSAA responsible for my son’s inability to compete in his senior year, let alone the fact that the FHSAA probably intentionally did not release their decision until after the school year started in order to make sure that the student athletes could not transfer to another school and compete. What a disgrace. Shame on the FHSAA. I can assure you that their defense of this issue is going to cost them a whole lot more than the $53,000 fine.