COPELAND (CBS4) – A 90-year old southwest Florida woman remains hospitalized after she lost her leg in an alligator attack.

Florida wildlife officials said Margaret Webb was walking near her home in Copeland, a small community east of Ft. Myers, on Wednesday when an 8-foot alligator lunged out of a canal. The gator clamped onto Webb’s leg and tried to drag her into the water.

Webb, however, was able to hang on long enough for a man driving by to stop and help her. That good Samaritan tried to shoot the alligator but it got away.

Wildlife officials at the time said the leg was “barely attached” after the attack and had to amputated.

Officials at Lee Memorial Hospital said her condition has been upgraded from critical to serious.

Roughly five people are bitten each year in Florida by unprovoked alligators.

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  1. coastalocal says:

    Rhe karma counter is watching you, Rick.

    1. Gordon Campbell says:

      No such thing as karma coastalocal you d-bag-he was making a joke which is what people do when faced with morbidity and helpless tragedy,.Try working in a hospital you silly ninny.

      1. John Volk says:

        Yep … wel put on the 24hr triage deal

  2. sailordude says:

    I heard Jed Clampett scream “Granny Get Out Of That Cement Pond!”

    1. RichB says:

      Cold hearted… if it was your grand mother would you be joking!!!

    2. astuartgirl says:

      LOL! and RichB … get a sense of humor! If we can’t laugh, we are dead.

  3. Ron Reale says:

    Some comments are just proof that some people have no mother., or soul.
    Ron Reale

  4. Mike Alright says:

    It is obvious that the US needs another special rights law that protects women from alligator attacks.

  5. Rick O'Shea says:

    After 90 years I bet she was really attached to that leg.

  6. MikeHenrySC says:

    I want to meet the 90 year old woman who could prevent an 8ft alligator from dragging her into the water! She must be an amazing person.

    1. astuartgirl says:

      Me too! Old people rock!

  7. Honest John says:

    How many people are bitten each year in Florida by “provoked” alligators?

    1. astuartgirl says:

      More than you want to know! Idiots come down here and act idiots.

  8. John Volk says:

    Damn…have to go thru that at 90?…guess the lord has something really great waiting for her and just threw in one more “kink ” in the mix just fir GP. I bet she has acquired a good amount of “good for you” kudos and this is just a reminder to stay on track. She will be seeing him or whoever soon. Let’s pray she gets a good welcome. ‘eh?

  9. John Volk says:

    Anyone who writes a negative reply is a clown at best. I’m talking one of those scary looking European clowns with an “I am going to kill you” look. The woman is 90 90!!! I bet most readers won’t even live that long and you make fun? Poor form you clowns…POOR FORM
    God bless her and …I’ve had 70 stitches in one leg so I KNOW what it feels like. Strong human being…very strong!
    God bless and pass the ammunition!

    1. astuartgirl says:

      OWNED! LOL

  10. el buitre says:

    I say wipe them out.make shoes, belts suitcases and handbags.They serve no usefull purpose.