MIAMI (CBS4) — There’s nothing like the memories of our first day of school. But we often don’t think about what the first day is like for teachers. Well now you can thanks to a non-profit organization that lets you become a teacher for a day while helping to raise money for education.

Mr. Casanova taught science to first, second and third graders at Royal Palm Elementary School, while Nancy Mulshein taught social media safety to a group of high school students at Robert Morgan Educational Center.

Mulshein and Casanova are not teachers but are business professionals.

Mulshein is an executive at FPL and Casanova is a branch manager at HSBC. They both took part in the Education Fund’s Teach-A-Thon; a Walk-A-Thon with a twist to raise money for the Education Fund by becoming a teacher for a day.

Mulshein is one of the programs top fundraisers.

“I absolutely encourage people to take part in it. It’s a worthwhile cause,” said Mulshein.

While today’s teachers are faced with massive budget cuts and little recognition, the Teach-A-Thon is a way to recognize teachers for all of their hard work and dedicated efforts.

Now in its seventh year, the Teach-A-Thon is gaining popularity from local businesses.

Vanessa Hassele with Whole Foods said several of her team members will be teaching a number of topics in the Teach-A-Thon.

“The classes are going to range on topics from healthy eating to organic farming and the impact of recycling in our own communities,” explained Hassele.

Last year, 225 business professionals raised more than $40-thousand for public education.

If your business is interested in participating in this year’s Teach-A-Thon, go to and help support our teachers.


  1. Highly Qualified Teacher says:

    If they are good and present something useful, then it is a great idea.

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