MIAMI (CBS4) – She’s doesn’t turn 12 until October, but already Bailee Madison is a hot commodity.

The Fort Lauderdale based actress recently starred in “Just go With It” with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston and had an 11 episode role on  Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel.

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“I feel like it’s been a huge blessing and every day I try to remind myself how blessed I am. My mom keeps me humble and grounded.” Madison said.

In the upcoming Guillermo Del Toro film, “Don’t Be Afraid  of the Dark”, This sweet, happy-go-lucky 6th grader plays Sally, a child of divorce who  moves into a gothic fixer upper mansion in Rhode Island with her father,  played by Guy Pearce, and his girlfriend, played by Katie Holmes.

“I’m kind of afraid of the dark. Are you afraid of the dark?” asked CBS4’s Lisa Petrillo

“I’m not afraid,” said Madison. “I just have to have a light on in the bathroom or a nightlight. I definitely have to have a light on.”

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Madison is all personality, she’s never had any formal acting training. Her mom, who’s a commercial actress, says she’s a natural.

Madison said her mom did one thing to help her on the horror film.

“I was taking a bath at night and lights go off for a split second, and I knew my mom did it. I was so scared, my heart stopped. Just imagine that, with creatures coming after you” said Madison.

Madison said she had to stay in character during the four month shoot in Australia 2 years ago, but said co-star Katie Holmes made sure to make  the set a fun place to be.

“We had dance parties and cupcakes!” said Madison.

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“Don’t be Afraid of The Dark” is rated “R”.

Lisa Petrillo