MIAMI ( – Six months after Carmen and Jorge Barahona were jailed for the killing of their seven-year-old daughter Nubia, their house sits abandoned in Southwest Miami-Dade.

Doors are opened, it has been ransacked, the lawn is knee-high and the brush is so overgrown you can barely see the home from the street. In the backyard, the above ground pool looks more like a cesspool. Tricycles and other toys left behind by the children are hidden among the weeds growing out of control.

“It’s bad enough that this happened in the neighborhood,” said neighbor James Sheppard. “You know and then you know you got this…It is just it’s like an eyesore. It lets everyone know hey here’s where it happened.”

Sheppard and other neighbors have called code enforcement and mosquito control several times to report the situation.

“The main concern is we have rats,” he said. “All the food has been left in the house you can see the rats coming in and out of the screens out of the back doors, the mosquitoes are terrible because of the pool and the huge toads they’ve just populated so much because of all the standing water.”

Code enforcement notices hang on the property fence. But neighbors complain the weeks go by, and nothing has been done. County property records show Carmen Barahona still owns the home and there are no foreclosure filings in court for the home.

It’s an overgrown mess that looks out of place among the neatly manicured lawns and homes that now line Nubia Way.

“I mean they’re naming the street after the little girl,” said Sheppard. “You’d think the least they could do is clean up the house.”

CBS4 News contacted code enforcement to ask why the home had been left in this condition despite numerous complaints. After our calls, the county said it will be at the property on Monday, August 29th to clean up the mess and secure the home and pool.

  1. hialeahtom says:

    Is this worthy of news for CBS?

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