FORT LAUDERDALE (CBS4) –  Congressman Allen West responds to criticism he received after sending a letter to a South Florida Muslim organization.

CAIR Florida, the Council on American-Islamic Relations, sent the Congressman a letter asking him to disassociate himself from activists that CAIR considers to anti-Islamic.

His reply was perhaps the shortest letter anyone has ever seen from a member of Congress. How short? Try one word, in capital letters: “NUTS!”

“I was shocked at first. I didn’t expect this from a congressman,” said Nezar Hamze, the executive director of CAIR Florida. “We stand up for the civil rights of the Muslim community. That’s what we do,” said Hamze.

Hamze says he wrote to the Republican Congressman earlier this month with his concerns about the Congressman’s relationships with groups and people Hamze considers to be anti-Islamic.

“When I first saw that, I wasn’t sure if he was calling me nuts, or he was calling my concerns nuts,” said Hamze.

Tuesday afternoon, West responded, “[With] the claims that they made in the letter to me, that one response is in keeping with the finest American traditions that we will not back down,” West told CBS4 News.

West confirmed that he was citing World War II General Anthony McAuliffe who famously wrote a one-word letter to the Germans in response to a surrender ultimatum. The word used: “Nuts!”

Constituents in West’s district 22 have also spoke out.“It doesn’t look too professional to me. It doesn’t look thought out,” said one constituent named Chuck.

Simone Oliver, another district 22 constituent thinks it’s fine, but says it needs a little more.“Maybe another sentence, explaining,” she said.

In other letters to CAIR Florida, he has said he is neither anti-Islamic nor anti-Muslim.

Hamze says West has turned down all meetings with CAIR Florida.

“[If I could say something to him now,] I’d tell him to grow up! To act like a congressman and engage in dialogue, and to stop the school boy insults,” said Hamze.

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  1. Chucky says:

    And just what is, “…grow up…,” supposed to mean. That sounds a bit prejudicial to me.

    If you don’t like the reference to a piece of American, historical dialogue, then maybe you should learn a little more American, historical dialogue, or just shut-up.

    I’m a Chuck, and I think it was very well thought out; if you make the historical connection.

    It seems the newer Americans are a lot less enamored of American history and identity than the older, and more established crop.

    They’re more involved in taking, and in the benefits of being in America, rather than in the history and/or any personal investment in being an American.

    Since when does Nezar Hamze, and/or CAIR design policy…or tell an American Congressman what to think, or say?!

    Hamze ar CAIR don’t have to like it, but they do have to live with it. There are a lot of people out here who don’t mind Congressman West’s response in the least.

  2. Sandra says:

    CAIR is both anti-African American and anti-Semitic.

    They seriously need therapy.

  3. Citzens says:

    As representative of district 22, Allen West needs to understand that he represents everyone. Whether you are black, white, Jewish, muslim, hispanic Its doesnt matter. He cannot support (as he has been doing) hate and bigotry against any one group. Shame on you Mr. West!

    1. Ralph Vaughan says:

      Col West’s Oath of Office prevents him from representing people intent upon sedition and sabotage. Besides, representation has nothing to do with appeasing a subversive organization.

  4. equality says:

    Rep West’s response to the letter he sent out is even more confusing. He is comparing himself to a world war 2 hero ?? that makes no sense unless he considers members of his constituents who are muslims as enemies. Its really sad to see a member of congress acting in such a fashion!

  5. Honestly says:

    @ Citizens and @ equality: YOU TWO need to understand that Ret. Lt. Col. Congressman Allen West does represent everyone – everyone who loves America! He is an American patriot, war hero, and he took an oath when he took office. He is very well educated and knows who America’s enemy is. That oath definitely did not and does not mean to appease CAIR, an unindicted organization which supports Islamic / Muslim terrorism. Either YOU TWO are a Muslim, Muslim appeaser, or just plain ignorant (no offense, seriously) of the agenda the Muslim Brotherhood has for America. I’ve dealt with people who are one of the 3 and YOU TWO are not fooling any of us who know what true Islam is and it’s 2 doctrines, taqiyya and kitman, are, which are practiced by every sect of Islam. I appaude Congressman West for standing up to America’s enemy, CAIR, in the way he has done on previous occaisions. @ equality: Cogressman West IS a war hero just not a WWll one, but you obviously know nothing about or are pretending to know nothing about his service to America.

    1. really? says:

      So if he said comments towards blacks, or whites, or jews, he is still a war hero? Muslim brotherhood agenda you said? shareia law? what else of fear words that are floating out there.

      There are 6 million muslim americans, and are protected by the constitution, so deal with it, or you can simply leave. You can’t pick and chose what ammendment you want to follow. You people making sound like a secret plan out there

      1. Ralph Vaughan says:

        Your argument is fallacious. And if you were as concerned about the Constitution as you would have others believe (which I don’t for a moment believe), you might protect it and this country against enemies domestic rather than condoning the abrogation of equality unde rthe law. But, then, it always has been easier to stand silently and watch, taking no chances, while freedoms are crushed, one by one. Yes, there is a plan “out there,” but if you look honestly at CAIR’s actions, there’s nothing secret about it. It still doesn’t take a weatherman…

  6. Ralph Vaughan says:

    CAIR is nothing but another NGO terrorist front. Rep West is to be commended for responding so succinctly to such intimidation as CAIR always dishes out. Were he to knuckle under to CAIR’s demands for support he would be violating his oath of office…enemies domestic. Keep up the good fight, Colonel.

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