KENDALL (CBS4) – One of three men charged in connection with a car theft which led to a police involved shooting in Kendall was in bond court Wednesday.

Marcos Antonio Acosta Quirch, 23, was ordered held on $39,500 bond just one day after the police involved shooting left two of his buddies hospitalized.

Acosta Quirch is charged with Grand Theft Auto, Assault on a Law Enforcement Officer and Resisting Arrest with Violence among other things.

The other two suspects, Michael Membrides, 22, and Ricardo Noa, 19, remain hospitalized after being shot by officers in the parking lot of the Nob Hill West Apartment complex early Tuesday morning.

According to police, officers were patrolling in the area of SW 103rd Street and Kendall Drive when they spotted what they deemed a suspicious vehicle. Police had beefed up their patrols in this area because of a rash of burglaries and car thefts.

A check of the vehicle came back that it had been reported stolen. As the Honda headed toward the exit, officers yelled for the driver to stop. According to police, the driver then sped up and toward police.

“The officers were in uniform, they gave loud verbal commands for them to stop, they heard the vehicle accelerate and they had no choice but to fire on the vehicle,” said police spokesman Javier Baez.

Membrides and Noa were both hit but the driver kept going and made it to SW 117th Avenue where he stopped in the parking lot of a Pollo Tropical.

Comments (6)
  1. Chachi says:

    “Membrides and Noa were both hit but the driver kept going and made it to SW 117th Avenue where he stopped in the parking lot of a Pollo Tropical.”

    The first thing he heard after he stopped was: “Welcome to Pollo Tropical! Would you like to try our new Chicken Avocado Club Wrap Combo?”

    Please send these three back to the country where their parents were born. How can we continue to pay for the bad parenting of these people? At some point we have to stop borrowing money to pay for these people!

  2. dan says:

    thank you for the comment , chachi but i am veteran what have done for our country, secound it happen in a residencial complex, went they drop there friend off and my son leave a mile from there he those not need a honda we drive bmw. they were set up police department . in this nice country your innocent to proben gilty. but it those not work the way all false info to cover up another shooting in miami,florida

    1. tahoe owner says:

      with all do respect your a veteran and can not even write proper english. I highly doubt it you or your son drive a “Bmw” living in a apartment complex and your retirement must be less than one thousand a month. So before you express your opion atleast look up in a dictionary the words you cant spell.

      1. Voice of God says:

        Oh, Tahoe: “DO respect”…do you mean “due respect’? “YOUR a veteran”, of course, that’s “you’re a veteran”. “express your OPION”; do you mean OPINION? If you’re going to slam someone for their grammar and spelling, maybe you should read your own posts before hitting SAVE. Or, just maybe, you should make a comment on something of value instead of just slamming someone.

  3. RG43 says:

    i hate the racist assumptions and generalizations made in these comment sections every time an article like this is posted..

  4. dan says:

    hello i hope your kids don,t get shoot be police dept. and try to cover it up. ok the police is here to protect citizen. they drove to this location,the car is not stolen, let the court do there part. free those innocent kids. thx

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