KENDALL (CBS4) –  Two men were wounded in a police involved shooting in Kendall early Tuesday morning.

According to police, just after 2 a.m. officers patrolling in the area of SW 103rd Street and Kendall Drive spotted what they deemed a suspicious vehicle at the Nob Hill West Apartment complex.  Police had beefed up their patrols in this area because of a rash of burglaries and car thefts.

A check of the vehicle came back that it had been reported stolen. As the Honda headed toward the exit, officers yelled for the driver to stop.  According to police, the driver then sped up and toward police.

“The officers were in uniform, they gave loud verbal commands for them to stop, they heard the vehicle accelerate and they had not choice but to fire on the vehicle,” said police spokesman Javier Baez.

Two people in the car were struck by bullets; they’ve been identified as 22-year old Michael Membrides and 19-year old Ricardo Noa.

“I did hear like five gunshots,” said Aurora Buca.

Buca said she was awakened by the gunfire and was later pleased to learn that police had made several arrests.

The driver made it to SW 117th Avenue where he stopped in the parking lot of a Pollo Tropical.

Membrides and Noa were airlifted to the Ryder Trauma Center where they are stable.  A third person in the car, 23-year old Marcos Acosta Quirch, was taken into custody.

Buca said her Honda Civic was stolen from the apartment complex a little more than a month ago along with several other Hondas.

“We got our car stolen, so hopefully we’re going to talk to the cops to see if it’s the same people,” said Buca.

Comments (12)
  1. gump says:

    Too bad they lived

  2. keith says:

    the thinning of the herd continues,,,, awesome,, stolen car, not listening to cops, RUNNING from cops, that was some wasted lead,,they should be dead…Now we have to pay for them to eat 3 meals a day, get better medical ,workout time, and cable tv,,,,,I think i may go rob a bank today lol

    Who is going to cry for these misunderstood poor church boys,who borrowed a car NOT KNOWING IT WAS STOLEN,,OH MY, on their way to feed the homeless?

  3. Javi says:

    Better aim next time boys. Save us the need to feed these guys for the next couple of years next time.

  4. Luis bonilla says:

    In fear of their lives, the officers shot. Sounds like internal affairs needs to get involved.

    1. ImJustSaying says:

      Why? Internal Affairs isn’t the department that gives out Awards/Medals for a job well done! We’re tired of having these losers stealing from us. Like Javi said, “Better aim next time boys”!! If you like defending thugs like this please give us your address so we can send them your way.

    2. Kay says:

      Oh let me get this straight…Let the officers get run over by these filthy criminals so that they don’t use they’re firearms……….As always Bonilla you always come up with the most ignorant comments….

    3. Sweet says:

      Oh my….I have to agree with Kay….Must say your lack of reading and comprehension is quite telling and in your mind I am sure Ignorance is a Bliss.
      You need help.

    4. clo says:

      Luis, were these your homies? Too bad you werent in the car with them. Good job officers. Not great job. They lived.

  5. Gia says:

    Non life threatening injuries? Why the helicopter transport then? Baptist is right down the street and has a perfectly good ER. Plus it was 3am so the roads would have been easily navigable by a regular rescue vehicle.

    1. Jane Doe says:

      That is due to the fact they are arrested and would be put in the prisoner ward at Jackson.

  6. Sweet says:

    Happy they got them….Now they go to prison and can become the big criminals little girls….See how they like it…For sure they come out and do the same thing again…This neighborhood is turning into The Hood…They should patrolled Kendall Acres and Nob Hill a little more…Whole bunch of criminals, stealing, selling drugs like they are invisible.

  7. justsayin' says:

    these cops need to spend a little more time in the shooting range. they really suck at shooting. maybe they need to go to the miami beach police department and see how its really done.