MIAMI ( – Lost amidst the hubbub surrounding Denver Broncos quarterback Kyle Orton has been the saga of backup quarterback, and UF legend, Tim Tebow. He’s taking shots from people around the NFL, but he has a well-known defender from South Florida.

The Tebow saga hit the press hard when ESPN’s Merrill Hoge took to Twitter to give his thoughts on Tebow’s ability at the NFL level.

“Sitting watching tape of Bronco offense from last year!” Hoge said. “Orton or Tebow? It’s embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow!!”

Hoge also said that in the NFL, “QB play is not just about who works hard gives rah-rah college speeches or who is a good guy.” Hoge then took it a step further on ESPN’s Sportscenter saying that Tebow is “awful as accuracy goes,” according to

All of that prompted Miami Heat star LeBron James to take to his Twitter account to defend Tebow, and if anyone knows about taking shots from the public and the media, LeBron knows best.

“Tim Tebow will succeed in the NFL,” LeBron said. “He’s a hard worker, a student of the game, a natural born leader and most of all a WINNER! It takes time and he’ll be nice.”

LeBron would go on to tweet after Hoge’s comments on SportsCenter, “Guys get on that TV and act like they was all WORLD when they played. How bout encouraging him and wishing him the best instead of hating!!”

Tebow showed moderate improvement in the final three games of the season, but his numbers when he played last year were not good. He completed fifty percent of his passes for five touchdowns and three interceptions.

The Broncos were ready to name Tebow the starting quarterback before camp started, which explained why they were in trade talks with the Fins to trade starting quarterback Kyle Orton. But, after a few practices, the Broncos knew Orton was the starter and ended trade talks about him.

Orton still could be traded if a team loses a quarterback to a major injury in the preseason, but that team would have to give the Broncos at least a second-round pick to get Orton.


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