CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4)- The Coral Springs Police Department wants South Floridians to make a call to make a difference.

The department is pushing the new program “Make a Call, Make a Difference” to keep the city’s streets safe.

“We’re not asking the public to take action other than to call us and let us do our job,” Deputy Chief Tony Pustizzi from the Coral Springs Police Department said.

Officials are pushing the initiative to raise awareness and encourage residents to call when they see something unusual.

“If you see anything suspicious in your neighborhood, don’t hesitate to call,” officer Tim Burton told residents.

Police are getting the word out to call their non-emergency line.

“If you’ve been in a neighborhood for a long time and you know your neighbor doesn’t drive that kind of car, but they are backed into a driveway, here’s a possibility that’s a burglary in progress,” Pustizzi said.

All the marketing the police department has done, including fliers and even movie ads has been funded with forfeiture dollars.

“Basically it’s criminal’s money. We’re using the criminal’s money to educate the citizens how to be more aware of what they’re doing,” Pustizzi said.

The department said they are seeing a difference already, including an increase in calls in the last two months, CBS4’s Vanessa Borge reported.

“I call every time I see something suspicious,” resident Diana Long said.

“A lot of bad people out there so if everyone’s helping out looking out I think it’s a good program,” resident Orlando McCorvey said.

The “Make a Call, Make a Difference” program is only running in Coral Springs for now, but there are ways you can make sure you stay safe in your neighborhood.

  • Keep your doors locked.
  • If you have an alarm, use it.
  • Trim landscaping so criminals can’t conceal themselves easily.
  • Close your garage door.
  • Try to establish a neighborhood watch group

To report non-emergency suspicious activity, resident can call 954-344-1800.

For more information on the Make a Call, Make a Difference campaign, visit Coral Springs Police Department’s Website.


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