MIAMI (CBS4) –After years of struggling with a personal problem, Miami Dolphins wide receiver Brandon Marshall has revealed that he has been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.

Sunday afternoon Marshall talked about it publically at the team’s training facility in Davie.  He said he had informed the Dolphins’ organization and decided to ‘go public’ in hopes that it will created an awareness of BPD and better treatment options.

“I can’t explain to you and paint a vivid enough picture where I’ve been in my life, probably since the end of my rookie year.  My story has play out publicly since I stepped foot on an NFL field.  It was hard for me to understand how someone so blessed, since I was a little boy with dreams and goals that I have accomplished.  It was hard for me to understand why I felt the way I felt inside,” said Marshall.  “I want you guys to tell my story accurately, in a way that people who read it, who may suffer from what I have suffered from, can get the proper help and treatment.”

Marshall opened his remarks by apologizing to his wife and thanking her for the way she handled the situation and the one in April where she was accused of stabbing him during an argument.

“I wouldn’t be a man if I didn’t stop the ‘villainization’ of my wife and to tell the truth.  I want to thank her for how she handled not only this situation all summer, but the entirety of our relationship,”  said Marshall, “She handled it with grace, dignity and honor.”

After Marshall finished, Coach Tony Sparano said “My job as a coach is to give this young man support and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

To learn how to control what he was feeling, Marshall reportedly underwent three months of treatment and exams at Boston’s McLean Hospital. People with BPD often have trouble with self-image, relationships and controlling their moods.

On Friday, Marshall received some good news regarding his wife Michi’s legal problems.

The Broward State Attorney’s Office announced that it declined to file aggravated battery and violation of pre-trial conditions charges against Michi Nogami-Marshall. The case surrounded a stabbing incident at Marshall’s home in April.

Nogami-Marshall told police she acted in self-defense after a domestic situation ended up with Marshall getting stabbed in the abdomen. Marshall told prosecutors he slipped and fell onto broken glass from a vase. Police said there was no blood on the broken glass, or the area surrounding it and charged Michi Nogami-Marshall.

The State Attorney’s Office said the state was unable to file charges due to the conflicting stories from police and from Brandon Marshall.

  1. Jenny Vervynck says:

    What a courageous young man. God’s hand was truly in his decision to seek treatment. His friend Ricky Williams saved his life by encouraging him to seek help. My son has BPD and it is a difficult, misunderstood and frustrating disorder. He is receiving treatment through the VA and we are eternally grateful for that service. Thank Brandon, for going public with this difficult issue. May God bless you and strengthen you in your journey. You are in my prayers.

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