HOLLYWOOD (CBS4) – South Florida’s senior community is watching the developments of the ongoing debt debate closely. Their livelihood depends on the outcome, in the form of their Social Security checks.

At the Joseph Meyerhoff Center in Hollywood, seniors are outspoken about the government’s inability to come to a compromise.

“It’s dysfunctional, like a dysfunctional family!” said Vic Stevens. “Both sides are trying to hold out to the last.  We’ll have to wait and see how it pans out.”

Seniors, like many other Americans, are taking matters into their own hands to help move the debate forward.

Following President Barack Obama’s primetime speech to the nation Monday night, Americans logged on to congressional websites en masse, crashing nine of them.

With just one week to go until the August 2nd deadline, those at the Meyerhoff Center agree;  something has to give.

“I think the Republicans and the Democrats need to get together,” said Sue Yarmitzky. “If the NFL can do it, so can they.”

  1. Irritated says:

    Harry Reid must stop blocking every bill passed by the House and allow debate, amendments, and improvements to the bill. Who appointed him king? When democrats had all the power, along with president Obama, they didn’t present a budget, but passed laws (Obamacare) against the will of the people. Having lost the House, democrats still continue on their path to destroy our country. Throw the bums out in 2012!