MIAMI (CBS4) – She pays half price for milk, juice is merely 8 cents a pouch and her Gatorade is free. CBS4’s Jorge Estevez followed the coupon mom and learned a few tricks to great couponing.

When you think about using coupons, it may seem time consuming and you might think it will take months before you see those huge savings, but think again.

As Estevez found out, it’s not just about using coupons it’s about maximizing your savings.

The coupon mom, Ana Perez, has only been at it for a few months and has cut her grocery expenses in half.

“I used to spend $120 a week, now I am spending $40 to $50,” said Perez.

Perez maximizes her savings by meticulously combining coupons to get the biggest bang for her buck. Most recently she liked a page on Facebook and received a coupon for free shampoo.

There is also coupon jargon that every savvy couponer should know like stacking coupons, which is when you combine a store coupon with a manufacturer coupon.

Matchup coupon, another term, which is when you use a coupon that you have and match it up with a sale so that you get the item for even cheaper.

For example, an item is on sale for $1.79 and you have a coupon for a dollar off.

Another term is Peelie coupons, which are extra savings that are attached to an item.

Here’s another example, the original price of a candle is $3.49 and you have a dollar off each which makes it $1.49 for two candles. That’s a savings of $4.50.

And thanks to great couponing, Ana was able to get Gatorade for free. The Gatorade was on sale for $1.00 and she had a coupon for $1.00, thus she got the Gatorade for free.

“I have a coupon for a dollar off but I only have one coupon and that makes you sad,” said Perez.