MIAMI (CBS4) – The death toll is rising dramatically following the Oslo bombing and shooting spree at a youth camp.

As of 10 p.m. Friday, officials have found 87 bodies. At least 80 people were killed at the youth camp alone, seven others in the Oslo explosion.

Norwegian media reports a 32-year-old Norwegian man identified as Anders Breivic is responsible for the attack.

For the first time in three decades, Norway has seen the face of homegrown terror.

Police there say a man set off an explosion that ripped open buildings in the heart of Norway’s government, then went to a summer camp and gunned down young people while disguised as a police officer.

The young people ran — and even swam — for their lives.

“Disbelief! I’ve never imagined Oslo to have any sort of threat,” said Kenneth Sodamin, who works for the Norwegian Consulate in Miami.

His brother is in Oslo right now. The moment Sodamin heard the news, he called his brother, who described the scene as chaotic.

By phone, CBS4 News spoke with one woman who works just blocks away from the site of the explosion.

“You literally felt the explosion?” asked CBS4’s Gio Benitez.

“It was shaking the building I was working in,” said Marit Sjosaeter in Oslo.

Police say Breivic acted alone and do not believe any terrorist groups are linked to the attack.

Both attacks were in areas connected to the ruling Labor Party government.

Now Sodamin hopes people pay close attention to what happened in Norway.

“This is a terrorist attack. It could’ve happened to any country. But just understand that this is a threat and it can happen in the United States too,” said Sodamin.


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