WASHINGTON (CBSMiami.com) – Miami Dolphins fans hoping to see their favorite team on the field this year should turn their attention to Washington and Atlanta for the next 48 hours.

The lockout has lasted more than four months, but a deal has finally been put together by the two negotiating teams and the NFLPA’s executive committee is set to vote on the new CBA Wednesday, according to ESPN’s Adam Schefter.

Still, there are some potential pitfalls that could derail NFL season momentum. According to SI.com’s Jim Trotter, “some players feel they finally have leverage and want to use it.” But, the executive committee knows that if they overplay their hand, they could lose a large chunk of money and public support.

NFL Players Association president Kevin Mawae said Wednesday there is no timetable to get a deal done and “we will not agree to a deal unless it’s the best deal for the players.”

The NFLPA’s executive committee and player representatives from all 32 teams are in Washington to review and vote on a full agreement if it’s received on Wednesday.

At the same time, as lawyers continue to put the finishing touches on the new deal; the NFL’s labor committee is set to meet in Atlanta Thursday. Once the documents are completed, the committee can decide whether to recommend a finalized proposal to all owners.

Assuming the player reps and owners approve the deal, it will start a cavalcade of action that could take place at a mind-blowing pace.

According to Andrew Brandt of nationalfootballpost.com, owners and team officials would be briefed on the new CBA and how to work within the new rules. A global settlement of all legal action would be part of the new CBA, meaning the Brady lawsuit would be settled.

The union would have to recertify and the NFL would have to recognize the NFL Players Association again. Next, the courts would have to sign off on the new deal, which is expected to be in place for ten years.

After all of that happens, a three-day window for teams to sign their own free agents and then, the league year would begin and teams would be free to sign any free agent and re-work contracts to maneuver under the salary cap.


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