MIAMI (CBS4) – While many of us rely on our car, van or truck to get around town, some folks who live in Miami may want to try lacing up their tennis shoes and hitting the streets.

According to Seattle-based Walk Score, Miami ranked number eight on their 2011 list of the most ‘walk-able’ 50 largest city in the U.S.  In determining each city’s score, Walk Score measured just how far a person would have to walk to get groceries, go to a restaurant, to a bank, etc.

Out of a possible 100 points, Miami scored 72.5.  Walk Score found Miami’s most ‘walk-able’ neighborhoods were Downtown, Brickell and Little Havana. Miami’s least ‘walk-able’ neighborhoods were Fair Isle, Liberty City and Flagami.

The only other Florida city to make the list was Jacksonville, which came in at number 50 with a score of 32.6. Looking at the 200 largest cities in Florida, Walk Score found the most ‘walk-able’ were Miami, Miami Beach and North Miami Beach.

Of the largest cities in the U.S., New York came in at number one with a score of 85.3. Coming in second was San Francisco (84.9) followed by Boston (79.2), Chicago (74.3) and Philadelphia (74.1).

  1. Jus_a_bit_cynical says:

    Walkable??? Just remember, moving vehicles in the Miami area have the right of way at all times and pedestrians never. Cross walks are for decorative purposes only. View them as the bull’s eye for all the potential hit and run drivers in South Florida. Walkable…ha ha.