MIAMI (CBS4) – Three people were taken into custody by Miami police early Monday morning after crashing a stolen car through a wall.

Miami police said early Monday morning an officer spotted a car that had been reported stolen in an armed carjacking at NW 1st Avenue and 11th Street. As police kept an eye on the car, three men got in and when police moved in to question them, the driver hit the gas and took off.

Police said the driver of the stolen car managed to elude them for a while. It was eventually found after it had into a building at NW 7th Avenue and 20th Street.

The three men tried to escape on foot but were caught after police set up a perimeter.

According to Miami police during the course of events, an officer fired his weapon. One of the subjects suffered an injury to his leg but it is not clear, at this point, if it was the result of the officer firing his weapon.

  1. master3 says:

    Why do police down here always have to open fire?…..I’ve lived in many different cities and none of them ever have as many police shootings as we do here