MIAMI (CBS4)-A 13-year-old South Florida girl with a serious medical condition wishing to walk the runway finally had her dream come true thanks to the Make A Wish Foundation.

There were many models strutting the runway Friday night as part of Swim Week, but one young woman isn’t a professional. She’s a girl with a medical condition who has been wishing to walk the catwalk for a long time, and thanks to a lot of people, that wish came true.

Make A Wish recipient Debbie Jaques, also known as Peaches by her friends, said she had been dreaming about being a super model since she could speak. Her mother, Anise Cherisme, knew it all along.

“Since she was this tall she started to crawl around the house, hold on to the walls in my heels, makeup…she lived in them,” her mother said.

Peaches suffers from sickle cell anemia, a life-threatening medical condition.

“I never wanted anything big before,” she said.

Peaches was able to live out her dream first with a photo shoot and pictures published in Ocean Drive Magazine. During the day, she got her hair and makeup done, was fitted for her dress and ready to walk the runway.

Her mother was overjoyed.

“I’m happy and sad, balanced,” she said.

Easing the pain of having to live with the medical condition, the Make A Wish Foundation is granting wishes and this is their 8,000 wish, giving hope to so many children who are waiting for their wish to come true.

Peaches said that with this wish she hopes another one comes through. She hopes to be discovered on the runway.

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    These orgainsations really done great job, they fell someone very special that’s a good part of work.

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    Hope you get well peaches, enjoy