ORLANDO (CBS4)-  An elderly central Florida man was killed while trying to guide his wife into a parking spot, authorities said.

The Florida Highway Patrol reports that 91-year-old Fedico Santiago was directing his wife, 58-year-old Alba Jimenez, into a space at the College Park Towers parking lot on Thursday. As Jimenez was pulling in, she suddenly accelerated, running over a raised concrete parking stop and hitting Santiago.

It wasn’t immediately clear if the car ran over Santiago or just hit him and knocked him down.

FHP continues to investigate.


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Comments (16)
  1. carol says:

    the 91yr old man was guiding his 58 year old wife…thats like the blind leading the blind. And what age do you start “confusing” the brake and the accelerator? In just about every story i hear about an elderly driving through a store, or driving through a crowd of people, ..I read that the elderly driver mistakenly hit the accelerator. I have never done that…but when i hit the age where i do,,it may be time for me to quit driving. People’s lives are worth more than my pride.

    1. JG says:

      My dad is 62 and still on top of his game.. A 58 year old is still very much “aware” of the surroundings… minus any diseases or handicaps, I’d look at a possible motive for murder… How about some life insurance?

      1. Matt says:

        but to agree with your comment, my father is 63, in better shape than most 35 year olds, and is incredibly lucid with thoughts and actions…so maybe it was murder…who can say but she?

      2. KOOLTOZE says:

        a jury can say if it was more than an accident…..but, being S. Florida, and with Katherine F. Rundule in charge, who knows where any case, no matter how obviously open and shut, will wind uo.

    2. KOOLTOZE says:

      probably a used up drag-queen like you…….

    3. sellous says:

      One question answers it all,

      HOW UCH MONEY THIS MAN WILLED FOR THIS 58 YEAR OLD? case closed. what better way to get the inheritance?

      Come on people no 58 year old man could have ran over his 91 year old wife and not behind bars. Not in America.

      What a way women can do things and get away with it!

  2. Matt says:

    there is always a motive for murder, it doesnt mean it was murder. maybe this poor woman actually killed her husband on accident and probably wants to die out of guilt herself? i am not normally an optimist,nor liberal in giving people the benefit of the doubt, but i guess im in a good mood today and would rather believe that this was a tragic accident and pray for the unfortunate victim and the poor widow who feels so resposible.

  3. bananas4lyfe says:

    all i can say is now there’s some hot 58 year old pootang on the market and i’m gonna get me some of that

  4. Blondie says:

    DWB – Driving while Blonde

  5. yokolee says:


    i am a horrible driver
    that’s why i laugh

    1. KOOLTOZE says:

      No, you laugh because you are a sociopath

  6. Jonathan says:

    Most healthy 58 year olds are still very much aware enough to not make mistakes like those. There must be more to this story and the fact that the wife is 33 years younger than the husband seems a little fishy too. Not saying that love 33 years apart is impossible, but usually when there is an age difference that vast it could indicate that ulterior motives behind the marriage like money or the like.

  7. Beatle says:

    It seems fishy to me. Why be in the path of the car to be guiding someone into a parking space?

  8. GUEST2011 says:

    He’s 91 and she’s 58???? YIKES!

  9. KOOLTOZE says:

    Too bad he didn’t die while his younger wife was guiding part of him into her! Now, THAT would have been a story !!!

  10. Maria Trigoso says:

    The old man probably had life insurance or something like that…

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