MIAMI (CBS4) – Congratulations to the Grapeland Water Park in Miami which has a received recognition from a national parks group.

Each month the City Parks Alliance, a national urban park advocacy, selects two parks nationwide as their “Frontline Parks”; parks are chosen for excellence and innovation at a time when cities are dealing with shrinking budgets and “urban neighborhood decay.”

“We selected Grapeland Water Park for recognition because it exemplifies the power of neighborhood parks to build social capital and make our cities fun and vibrant for people with all abilities” said Catherine Nagel, Executive Director of City Parks Alliance, in a statement.

The first water park in Miami’s city limits, Grapeland Water Park has four pools, colorful play structures, slides and a lazy river. The park’s colorful environment was designed by acclaimed South Florida artist Romero Britto.

“Grapeland Water Park deserves this recognition; it is a fun and beautiful venue that can be enjoyed by people of all ages almost throughout the year,” said Miami Commission Chairman Wifredo “Willy” Gort in a statement. “It is truly an oasis in the heart of the city.”

During the summer, it’s common for the park to hit peak capacity several times a day. The alliance said the “combination of innovative water conservation technology, creative design and fitness/recreation programs for people of all ages and abilities make Grapeland a wonderful warm weather neighborhood attraction.”

Mary Bartelme Park in Chicago, Illinois was also selected as a “Frontline Park” for the month of July.

  1. Genie says:

    Grapeland Heights Park used to be a nice park for kids to play in, and it was free. There was a kindergarten and a public library there. Now it’s a tacky water park that charges an entrance fee. It’s no longer a resource for children in that very poor neighborhood. In fact, it’s unlikely that people in that neighborhood can afford to go there. This is typical of Miami.

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