LAUDERHILL (CBS4) -Years after battling for relief from toxic Chinese drywall, a Lauderhill homeowner has a different fight on her hands with City Hall.

Eleanor Aguilar was forced out of her Georgetown community home in 2009 because the drywall was making her sick.

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“It was giving me bloody noses, migraines, making me sick,” said Aguilar.

Her home was the first to be remediated under a pilot project paid for by the drywall manufacturer.

When she moved back in this year, Aguilar found her water service being turned off because of an outstanding back bill.

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She owes $1,400 dollars for water, sewer and trash removal accrued during the time she was out of her home.

But Aguilar thinks she should not be forced to pay because she was not in her house.

“Their philosophy is it’s a flat rate that’s afforded to all people who live in Lauderhill,” said Aguilar. “I understand, but if I’m not in the house because it’s making me sick, why am I paying for service that wasn’t used?”

She has appealed to the mayor and the assistant finance director.

CBS4 News was told by spokeswoman Leslie Johnson, “We feel it is a civil issue between her and her builder.  We’re terribly sorry and we’ll try to work out a payment plan.”

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Aguilar still hopes the city will see reason before her water is shut off again.