MIAMI ( – Casey Anthony has just days left on her jail sentence, but after she’s released next Wednesday, she will face a new life where she will never be able to go out in public without being noticed.

One thing Anthony will have to deal with is the constant threats experts expect her to face. Outside Anthony’s parents’ home, police have already beefed up security in the face of death threats against the family.

While it’s unclear where Casey will end up going next week when she is released it’s clear she won’t be able to do it quietly.

“There will never be a normal moment for Casey Anthony, the most notorious defendant in America today,” attorney Kendall Coffey told CBS4’s David Sutta. “And will forever be associated with a verdict that in the minds of many Americans she got away with Murder.”

Coffee, who has had his share of high profile clients, believes Casey will see the same treatment O.J. Simpson saw in 1995. The NFL Hall of Famer was acquitted of murdering his ex-wife Nicole and her friend and then moved to South Florida five years after the trial.

Even then he couldn’t swing a club without heads turning. He was constantly tangling with the law from road rage cases to plowing through a no-wake zone in a boat. Just sitting down to have a meal at a restaurant proved challenging.

Simpson’s Kendall neighbors declined to speak on camera today but told CBS4 the worst part of being his neighbor wasn’t him; it was the media.

Members of the media would camp out on the lawn, block driveways, and constantly buzz above in helicopters. Today, the neighborhood is covered in gates, largely to keep the crowd Simpson drew out.
“Casey Anthony is going to be stopped, even confronted any time she steps out in public,” Coffee added.

In the end O.J. ended up in prison. A robbery case in Las Vegas locked him away for fifteen years. Coffee said there is one thing that separates Casey from O.J.’s notoriety, money.

“It’s unthinkable for most people to think that she could profit from this nightmare; but between book deals possibilities, movie rights, who knows? Stranger things have happened in reality TV shows. There is financial opportunity for Casey Anthony,” said Coffee.

O.J. Simpson still owns his home in Kendall; in fact he has a Homestead exemption even though he’s not expected home for another decade. The main lesson from O.J. is that anywhere Casey Anthony ends up, the neighborhood will never be the same.

Comments (3)
  1. yokolee says:

    Ridiculous, nuff said

  2. jama says:

    As I’ve said from the start; if they really wanted to punish Casey Anthony, set her free.

  3. BECKY says:

    LIES CREATED BY CASEY & HER FAMILY to raise reasonable doubt to put those pinellas jurors IN ( ACCIDENT MODE) OSCAR performances Omg THEY all are SUCH good LIARS

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