MIAMI (CBS4)- City and county officials say it’s great to celebrate July 4th, as long as it does not involve gunfire.

On Thursday, officials are coming together for the “No More Stray Bullets” press conference at 2 p.m. held at the Northside District Station at 2950 N.W 83 Street in Miami.

The initiative is an awareness campaign to let the community know that discharging guns in the air is not the way to celebrate. Officials said that too many lives have been lost due to stray bullets.

Law enforcement officers are expected to be on high alert on Monday, July 4th, according to organizers.

At the 13th annual conference, held by the Rickia Isaac Foundation and Rev. Jerome Starling, various law enforcement agencies will be in attendance from different cities, including Miami Gardens, Opa Locka and Miami-Dade police and commissioners.

It’s a message they feel is worth repeating each year as residents participate in July 4th celebrations across South Florida.

Comments (2)
  1. Chucky says:

    …across South Florida?”

    Uh, not exactly.

    Just keep telling yourselves that. Put those politically correct heads right up those politically correct butts.

    Nothing will change.

  2. Fred M says:

    My car was hit today by a stray bullet during the July 4th celebration at about 8pm. The bullet pierced the sheet metal and hit a 4 inch reinforcement beem, otherwise the bullet would have entered my car and would have landed a few inches from my head. I feel angry and wish I could do something. The bullet is still wedged in my car. I wish I could find the person responsible and turn them into the authorities. I am just glad to be alive today.

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