(SUNRISE) – CBSMiami.com – Police in Sunrise are trying to figure out how a SUV ended up inside of a Sunset Strip business, but they’re guessing the driver wasn’t looking for some takeout.

The unexpected drive-through happened at the Doris Italian Market and Bakery, in a shopping center at 10057 Sunset Strip, around 9 a.m. Wednesday.

Chopper 4 showed the front of the business with a glass and concrete wall smashed in, and the inside of the restaurant filled with debris.

The SUV was apparently backed into a parking space when it crashed into the building, for reasons police are still investigating. The rear window was smashed, and the rear of the SUV had considerable damage.

It’s not yet known if anyone was injured in the accident.

Comments (2)
  1. alabamajack says:

    That’s what you get when you back into parking spaces, when he was ready to leave he thought he was backing out of the space and dropped it in reverse and BAM!!!!!!!! i’ll never figure out why people back into a parking space, it’s just as much trouble to back in vs. backing out.

  2. rambocat88 says:

    I was there when it happened. My receipt is dated 9:17, not 10 a.m. There was another car involved that she obviously hit when she was in reverse. It appeared that she was backing out of a space and ended up hitting another car and continueing into the building. Just before she hit the building there was the loud sound of tires squealing on wet pavemant as the rain had just stopped. To answer the obvious question….NO she wasn’t a senior citizen. Also its a good thing that registers 3 & 4 weren’t open because thats where the car stopped. Also Doris’ isn’t a restuarant as stated…its a market.

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