TALLAHASSEE (CBS4)- Gov. Rick Scott has signed two abortion bills into law.

One of them (HB 1127) requires women to undergo ultrasounds before getting an abortion. The other (HB 1247) makes it more difficult for minors to get court waivers from Florida’s parental notification law.

Among the other laws Scott signed Friday was a law (SB 1676) that would set limits on lawsuits against nonprofit Florida teaching hospitals and their staffs. Another law (SB 644) strengthens Florida’s “Silver Alert” program that helps find missing elderly people.


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Comments (8)
  1. María says:

    the world has a serious overpopulation problem

    we should be making abortion easier, not more difficult!


  2. carol says:

    I taught my teenaged daughter, to wait until marriage to have sex. I also taught her that if she should make the choice to have sex now, make SURE he wears a condom…if you are going to perform an adult act, at least be adult enough to be responsible.

    I had an ultrasound when i was 2 and a half months pregnant due to health concerns. What i remember was small sac about the size of a pea. And then they showed me a tiny dot inside it an said “that was the baby”…When i miscarried 2 days later, remembering that it was just a dot helped a lot.

  3. Rick says:

    Reglious Right strikes again. They don’t care about the women….or their rights. Rick Scott will sit in his mansion and tell everyone ….including himself…how saintly he is. But will he or others adopt these unwanted kids? No. They don’t care ….all they want is the woman to “have the child” ….but what happens after? Not their problem….but the truth is…it’s ALL our problem. Get ready for more crime….more poverty…..more desperation/despair…..more unwanted children on the streets….more drugs…more everything….

    1. Martin Fee says:

      Umm ever hear of CONDOMS? What… you can play all you want but don;t want the responsibilities that come with it? WHat about the MANS RIGHTS Rick?? a woman should be able to murder my kid because SHE wants to?
      The only part you care about when it comes to women is that hole between their legs so stop acting like you give a rats butt about their rights.or anything else.
      Your right about one thing MORE EVERYTHING including weekends at the park, softball/baseball games, camping trips, birthdays parties, teaching them to drive, watching that smile when you walk in the door, Helping them through their first heartbreak, sending them off to college. Yea I can see how those are such evil horrible things so yea lets have more abortions. or better yet just YOU have them save the rest of us from having more lying liberals to deal with

  4. Marty Fee says:

    Funny how the left loses their minds when people are forced to confront what they are doing. Why are you Femanazis so terrified of people NOT having abortions? What you don;t want to be the ONLY MURDERER? Does others having abortions ease your guilt over terminating a life?
    These same sick people are the same ones you see outside a prison protesting the Death Penalty for a convicted mass murderer or serial rapist .. GO figure

  5. madwoman says:

    No ultrasound will discourage me from having an abortion if I choose to have one… the baby can be singing and dancing like the WB Michigan frog and it will still be dropped faster than a led zeppelin (pun intended)

  6. Harriett says:

    I personally would not have an abortion but at the same time I strongly feel that it is none of my business or anyone else’s especially the government’s as what another woman does. That decision is between the mother, her doctor and her God.

  7. Micky says:

    The NAZI Strikes once more!