MIAMI (CBS4)- After the New York Legislature passed a same-sex marriage bill many celebrated in New York and other states, including Florida.

The Republican-controlled state senate voted 33-29 Friday night to pass the bill. Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed the controversial Marriage Equality Act into law.

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The Democratic governor signed the measure shortly before midnight, following up on a promise to put his name on the legislation as soon as he received it rather than wait the usual 10 days to sign it for it to become law. Cuomo’s signature means same-sex weddings could begin within 30 days.

Supporters of same-sex marriage hope this historic decision in New York will build momentum for their cause. Activists hope the vote will convince judges and politicians across the country to support marriage equality.

Same-sex marriage is banned in Florida. South Floridians voiced their opinion Saturday of a similar law being passed nationwide.

South Floridian Steven Marlon said he was happy and said he’s looking to get married. He proposed to his boyfriend about a year ago.

“I’m getting married to my long time boyfriend,” he said. “I’m saving my money right now and then my long time boyfriend Preston and I are planning to go to New York. We’ll see. Hopefully we will tie the knot.”

Marlon said he’s disappointed that Florida has not passed a law to make same-sex marriage legal.

Equality Florida issued a statement after the legislation was passed.

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“Our goal in Florida is the same as our friends in NY, and this victory is a turning point that brings us much closer to full marriage equality for all of our families,” the statement read.

“Here in Miami you’re, like, pretty much capital of gay,” Marlon said. “There are so many of us here in Florida…and Fort Lauderdale, but you know saying that Florida is one of the states that’s not allowing it.”

Resident Jay Younger supports same-sex marriage and said Floridians should push for a same-sex marriage approval law.

“There’s a lot of inconsideration…a lot of politics and what not but with that being said I think we just have to be a community and push together and get it passed.”

But not everyone agrees. A New York resident visiting Miami told CBS4’s Silva Harapetian that he’s against the newly passed law.

“I’m concerned about the kids…that they don’t have the capacity to process in their brain when they are going to see two men or two girls together,” he said. “That’s what hurts me.”

New York, the nation’s third-most populous state, joined Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont and Washington, D.C., in allowing same-sex couples to wed.

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