MIAMI (CBS4) – Getting a gift card from your favorite store is great, but what happens when the gift card is from a store you don’t like or maybe out of your way? Many people are stuck with them, until now.

Brian Papir usually appreciates getting gift cards.

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“It is as good as cash for me. I will take it with a smile on my face,” said Papir.

But gift cards can be useless if they come from a place you don’t shop.

“You feel as though somebody wasted a gift. So close, but yet so far,” said Papir.

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Regardless of how many you get, you can now get rid of them just as easily with The website works like a trading post for gift cards.

It allows users to buy gift cards at a discount or trade theirs in for someone else’s. The site also allows users to trade the cards in for cash.

“I don’t have thousands of dollars worth of gift cards. You get 50 dollars here and hundred dollars there and it helps pay your cell phone bill,” said Papir.

And even though they give you a bit less than the actual card is worth, it may be better than just having them take up space in your wallet.

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“You return stuff sometimes at stores and they give you a gift card. We are flushed with these things,” said Papir.