CORAL SPRINGS (CBS4) – Eddy and Lois Brickman have known each other since they were five.  They have been grade school pals, high school sweethearts, lifetime lovers for more than forty years.

“I start a sentence she finishes it.  Sometime I don’t even get to start a sentence.” Eddy Brickman jokes.

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You could say their hearts beat as one but for the past few years Eddy’s heart has been dying.  You can see the pain in her face when Lois tells me “He’s always been my rock. And it’s hard to see him slipping away each day.”

Brickman is being kept alive by a constant flow of medicine.  He is on a waiting list for a new heart.  “You stand by the ready 24-7,” Eddy said “Waiting for that call.”

But a waiting list is not the only thing in the way of seeing his grandchildren grow up.

With insurance the transplant will cost him $50,000.  Lois does her best as a teacher but it’s not nearly enough.

Brickman’s family, friends, and complete strangers are stepping up by fundraising.

First, it was eleven hundred red bands that read “My heart belongs to Eddy”.

Recently. it has been restaurants donating nightly profits.

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In Coral Springs Tuesday night, it was standing room only at Falafel Bistro.

“The food here is fantastic but they could have sold rubber shoes,” said attendee Jason Bishara.  “Eddy and his wife are fantastic people and I think everybody loves supporting them.”

Adam, the Brickman’s son, is overwhelmed by the show of support.

“Its unbelievable.  Its mind boggling,” said Adam. “You can’t really fathom it until you are actually sitting in the position yourself.”

Flyers, Facebook, and word of mouth has brought South Florida’s community out and shown it has a heart.  And hopefully, with the community’s support and a new heart, Eddy will be right next to Lois for a lot longer.

“There is nothing I want more,” said Brickman. “We are going to be married 38 years this year. I want to see the 50th.  And we are going to be by each others side.”

If you would like to help the Brickman family, CLICK HERE to make a monetary donation to Neighbors 4 Neighbors, or call (305) 597-4404.

There is also another event this weekend at All Star Sports Bar in Pompano. The bar is hosting a poker tournament with cash prizes for the top finishers.

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All proceeds will go to Eddy’s heart transplant fund.