MIAMI ( – The United States Supreme Court protected Walmart to a degree in a unanimous ruling separating a class action lawsuit into separate suits.

Walmart, which has 176 Supercenters, 30 stores, 44 Sam’s Clubs, and employs over 92,000 workers in the Sunshine State, was sued by a group of women who were claiming sexual discrimination by the retail giant. The women were seeking class-action status which could have involved up to 1.6 million women.

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The Supreme Court ruled 8-0 against allowing the lawsuit against Walmart to continue as a class-action suit. Instead, the women who claimed to have been discriminated against must file individual lawsuits against the company.

But, with far less than the potentially billions of dollars in a possible class-action suit, Walmart will be under much less pressure to settle any pending lawsuit, according to the Associated Press.

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There was another part of the ruling that will make it much tougher to try and sue a company in a class-action discrimination lawsuit.

The second part of the decision, which was a 5-4 decision in favor of the conservative majority, said there has to be common elements tying together all of the employment decisions.

Walmart reported spending $17 billion in Florida for merchandise and services. The company said it paid $753.1 million in sales taxes.

The case was Walmart vs. Dukes, et al.

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