OPA LOCKA (CBS4) – Worshippers at one Opa Locka church tried to stay cool during Sunday morning after crooks stole parts of their air conditioning system.

Staffers at the Holy Temple Missionary Baptist Church on NW 143rd Street set up fans to help keep the congregation cool.

“You still have to give thanks. Everyone is sweating, running around the church drinking water,” said April Chestnut, a member of the church. “You still have to give thanks to the Lord.”

Last Monday thieves stole the copper tubing and wiring off the buildings four a/c units, according to the Opa locka police department.

This wasn’t the first time something like this has happened. Numerous churches in the area have experienced similar thefts.

The copper theft at Holy Temple Missionary has put their five-day a week elderly program at risk. When the temperatures soar into the mid-90s during the middle of the afternoon, even with the fans, it is too hot for them to be in the building.

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  1. TwanTru says:

    install cameras and you will see who does these things

    also neighbors need to start supporting neighbors

    protecting each other

    1. hotinfl says:

      OR, make the copper buyers copy id of the sellers and hire regulators for enforcement.
      There, fixed that jobs thing for ya!

      1. Jimmy Pants says:

        Great Idea. You should be in charge. You have my vote.

      2. Steve says:

        Hotinfl, you can hand sort the thousands of pounds of copper that comes in every week. lol. Not a fun job.=)

      3. nick says:

        yes thats whats done here in co springs

    2. Norm says:

      Hire an unemployed AMERICAN who knows how to handle a weapon. A few dead bodies found at the scene of copper stealing should stem the problem. Come to think of it, this might also work on our side of the border.

    3. JeffRealAMERICAN says:

      Welcome to Hussein Obama’s America people…… where good Godfearing Christian Americans are being robbed mercilessly by his liberal drones. All hail furher Obama!

      1. DailyDaisy says:

        Obama is a CHINO – A Christian in Name Only…which explains why he misquotes Scripture. But that doesn’t explain why he called a Marine Corpsman a CORPSE MAN twice while reading his TOTUS at the National Prayer Breakfast. Ignorance mixed with arrogance is a repulsive combination.

  2. Harleyxx says:

    Typical Obama supporters. Too bad Obama has done nothing to create jobs. Some people, especially in low income neighborhoods, resort to crime instead of applying a “hard work” ethic. Obama plays golf while the black community sinks into even deeper squalor.

    1. Huh? says:

      I don’t like him any more than you do (can’t stand him as a leader, actually), but what’s it got to do with the story? I hear you, but register your displeasure at election time.

  3. jerryoflol says:

    Too bad none of the Dirt Bags didn’t light up like a toaster during the act of stealing. The real bad possibility of such justice is that the Church would be sued at the urging of Dirt Bag Lawyers. Sometimes its harder to tell which Dirt Bag is more worthless.

  4. Dennis LaGrua says:

    In the Black community 40% of the men cannot find work and STILL the Africans vote for Obama socialism. They don’t need socilaism nor conservatism but POPULISM- a government focused on rebuilding American industry, and returning jobs to America . Only when we have American workers employed again will people have hope and prosperity. If we keep the jobs with the Communist Chinese we are doomed. Current policies are all about GREED. No one can tell me that a company like Nike can’t manufacture $80 rubber sneakers here and make a nice profit. The trouble is that American industry wants it all and the politicans have given them license to do it this way.

    1. charles says:

      What we need is Christ. He can destroy the sinful nature.

      1. Timothy Guy says:

        if we were born with a sinful nature then

        1. that makes God responsible for peoples sin because he created the system that caused this to happen.

        2. God is further completely twisted and unjust for making people born into sin at birth and only choosing to help a small percentage of the population he created.

        3. this is compounded even worse because he intends to make billions of people born into sin without there concent be tortured for eterninty for something they could not help or prevent yet God has chosen that to happen.

        now.. i ask you,, does this view of God make anyone want to worship such a being? people need to start thinking through the doctrine they have been spoon fed by others who have also been spoon fed.

        bottom line? the bible teaches that no where. not even in romans 5 if you read it carefully and think.

      2. LOL says:

        Christ did a fantastic job on 9-11 and stopping his child raping priests!
        Religion! Waste of time money and lives!

      3. Warren says:

        Charles, right on, amen! Very few Christians know the provisions that God has given us to destroy the sin nature in us. When John the Baptist saw Jesus he said, ” behold The Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world”. Another place it says, “They shall call His name Jesus, for He shall save His people, (not in their sins but),from their sins. Many, many places God speaks of liberation from not just a particular sin, but sin nature in us, by the Power of The Holy Spirit. But we have a critical part to play, we need to believe in His goodness that He can instantaneously destroy the enemy within us. That is His desire, provision, and destiny for for every born again believer.

      4. Steve says:

        So you don’t agree with THOU SHALT NOT KILL?
        And you don’t agree with Jesus said about harming children?
        Mark 9:42
        “And whosoever shall offend one of [these] little ones that believe in me, it is better for him that a millstone were hanged about his neck, and he were cast into the sea.”

      5. david mcwilliams says:

        This is for LOL:

        YOU tell GOD to get out of your life and to let YOU do want YOU want and then YOU criticize HIM when things don’t go the way YOU want. that is one massive ego YOU got.

        BTW i don’t have religion in CHRIST, i have FAITH in CHRIST. Religions are man-made, FAITH is GOD-made. Christ didn’t like the organized religions when HE was here either.

      6. david mcwilliams says:


      7. hornguy says:

        Christ, if he actually lived, is now dead. There is no god or gods Charles. If you believe there is then you are delusional.

      8. LOL says:

        >When John the Baptist saw Jesus he said, ” behold The Lamb of God which takes away the sins of the world”<.

        Thousands of years and ithe world still waiting!
        I'm not holding my breath!

        When Janet Reno saw David Coresh "The Lamb of God" she said "behold barbequed Pork Chops!"
        Who stole, raped, murdered and destroyed in the name of his God

    2. JT says:

      It’s all about Labor Union greed……..not capitalism.

      1. Timothy Guy says:

        yeah right… nice conservative talking point. the people at the top of the piramid need millions in salary, while the workers need nothing. sure… its all greedy uniuons fault. it has nothing to do with “capitalism” at all. you dont have to be a liberal or a conservative to engauge your brain and look at all the facts not just the ones you have been blindly spoon fed.

        its not unions, its the greedy rich at the top. before a business pockets billions in profit, and before they pay their top dogs 1000% more than everyione who works for them they need to make sure they are paying their people a fair wage and taking care of them properly. After all that, THEN they can pay themselves a ton and pocket a bunch of profit.

      2. David McWilliams says:

        timothy, you mean like the union bosses? if unions are so great why is the number of union members falling? and why do they need card check rammed down America’s throat?

        how about you “engage your brain” and stop drinking the kool-aid?

      3. DailyDaisy says:

        To hornguy…
        Evidence of Christ and his miracles and resurrection have stood the test of time for over 2,000 years, both in the Bible and secular writings. However you either believe in Him or you don’t. Evidence of God is becoming even more apparent among the elite community of astrophysicists. Do you believe Plato existed and his writings? There is far less evidence for that than for Jesus’ existence.
        But sad for you to expect nothing but death at the end of your self-admitted meaningless life. Go steal some copper wire then because if there is no God because there is no reason for morality since atheists think we’re all going to die permanently anyway….

    3. richard Allen says:

      And for good reason….Ill bet 90% of then cannot read ,write or speak ENGLISH…..but can recite every swear and N word in all the rap songs!

      In the Black community 40% of the men cannot find work

    4. Leslie Lamar Mcleod says:

      with all the regulations we have here it would cost Nike way to much money to open up a plant here in the good ol us, really just think about, go as far as to look into it yourself on how
      to open a business here in the US

    5. RjUSA says:

      you sound like a progessive… Demonize big business and advocate more regulation. Let the free markets run themselves and fire Congress! That’ll fix all our problems!

    6. Jim Morris says:

      Dennis , You are right on, American Industry sold it’s sole to the Communists for profit.

  5. Vendicar Decarian says:

    Greed is the ultimate good. Greed is what Capitalism is all about. Greed built America. Greed has kept America safe. And Greed is the future of America.

  6. malcom says:

    look at every city and town that is run by democrats, high crime, high drug use, high minority and illegal alien population, high murder rates, high HIV and STD rates and so on. You get what you deserve.

  7. LOL says:

    Why didnt god protect the church?
    Why didnt god keep the people from sweltering?
    Maybe because he is a myth!
    Religion is such a waste of time, money and lives!

    1. JT says:

      One man’s opinion!

    2. Rick Swartzentrover says:

      MY what a Christaphobic bigot you are just like 99.99% of all Atheists. You’ll have all eternity in Hell to answer the real question – Why did God love you enough to not kill you sire all your anti-Christian hate.

      1. Timothy Guy says:

        nice one Rick.. obviously God chose you because you are oooh so special!. Whew we are all so thankful that God had the wisdom to save someone like you and condemn poor lol forerver…

        ever consider that LOL thinks the way he/she does because of clueless pharasee psuedo christians like you?

        Virtually EVERYONE starts out hating God rick including you. Its a work of grace on Gods behave wrestling with each man and woman to win them over to himself. the same is true for lol here.

    3. Timothy Guy says:

      or maybe becuase God really isnt micromanaging every litte detail. and maybe because His people can be a littlle tough for a few sundays.

      and maybe because we are all sinners before God and those that call Him Lord need to have compassion and forgiveness on those that dont so that they might come to believe as well.

    4. LMAO says:

      “Is God willing to prevent evil, but not able?
      Then he is not omnipotent.
      Is he able, but not willing?
      Then he is malevolent.
      Is he both able and willing?
      Then whence cometh evil?
      Is he neither able nor willing?
      Then why call him God?

    5. Steve says:


      Very simple, I’ll answer your questions for you with scripture!

      1 James 2-4

      2Consider it all joy, my brethren, when you encounter various trials, 3knowing that the testing of your faith produces endurance. 4And let endurance have its perfect result, so that you may be perfect and complete, lacking in nothing.

  8. MainStreet says:

    It is all about the economy, stupid, and jobs, jobs, jobs. You can also put in the liberal bias against the Christian religion.

  9. richard Allen says:

    we know what color the thieves are……just another day in da hood

  10. SickOfBigGovernment says:

    This is when you hope that the perpetrator gets electrocuted…. as many have done attempting to steal copper wire from high voltage power lines… and the sad thing is… when the do get electrocuted.. I would guarantee that someone will sue because there was not a sign saying “Warning potential thieves: please dont steal copper wire as you may be electrocuted”

  11. Rick Swartzentrover says:

    If this had been a Mosque they would be calling it a hate crime and the entire Obama un-Justice Department would be on the scene

    1. dcb30 says:

      And the Muslims would have killed them and called it Sharia law

  12. Otown Right Guy says:

    God is trying to send a message to Baptists: it’s OK to drink beer!

    1. DCB says:

      But not warm beer!

  13. BadKosh says:

    So why not get a few ‘good ol’ boys’ with GUNS and start gunning for the thieves? Shoot a few groups of them and that stuff will stop. If they are ILLEGALS, just leave the bodies on the streets as a warning.

  14. bb_959 says:

    Maybe they are trying to wire up A/C to where there going?

  15. bb_959 says:

    Now you know that you WILL go to church. When 6 strong men carry you in.

  16. sean in CA says:

    I highly doubt it was the wiring they stole, as there’s less that 6 feet of it. More likely it was the copper tubing in the coils, that’s where the real scrap money is.

  17. avoicenmany says:

    I do not think this story is accurate.
    The amount of wire one would get is really quite minimal, in fact a good friend of mine is a HVAC/R contractor, what he is seeing happen is the thieves are stealing the copper condenser coils from the outside unit. On a large unit these coils can weigh a pretty fair amount..

    1. Sean in CA says:

      That’s right. This kinda thing happens all the time out here in Mexifornia.

  18. August says:

    Can’t they do their PRAYING THINGY and make it all better?

    1. DCB says:

      Why doesn’t Obama wave his magic wand and fix it? After all, you left-wingers said he healed the earth the day he became ruler.

  19. Fatunsassy says:

    Why do you assume the culprit was black? All races have people who have ‘no respect’ for themselves, others, or the law.

  20. DailyDaisy says:

    Someone who would steal copper wire out of a church is the same kind of person who would steal children’s Christmas presents out of a community mission. Sad and evil person with no conscience.
    And regarding the petty arguements about God, He is WAY too big to be put in any opinion box. He can do whatever He wants to, and yet He chose to give up His only begotten Son so that whomever believes in Him will not die but have eternal life. It is OUR CHOICE. Evil is in the world because people have evil hearts, and God wants us to turn away from that but we aren’t puppets and He’s not going to pull strings to make it happen. Rewards and punishments will come in the next life based on how we treat others and who puts faith in God or who rejects Him. We cannot expect God to make things exempt from evil in this world, it’s up to us, and there are so many evil people that it explains why only the few who put faith in God and repent from their evil ways get the eternal reward. As for the rest, well, I wouldn’t want to be in those shoes! You may not like it but you didn’t make the rules….

  21. Rastaz Washington says:

    How come GOD DIDN’T FIX the AC for his FLOOCK of FOOLS?????

    1. Warren says:

      Rastaz, ask Him!

    2. DCB says:

      I guess Obama was too busy playing golf to take care of it.

  22. charles says:

    I just listened to 1/2 hour broadcast on NPR hosted by the congressional black caucus and Jesse Jackson which attempted to sell the idea that MORE drug convits should be released from prisons and that we should even stop enforcing the drug laws.

    A drug user has to steal $200 to $500 a day to maintain his habit through theft and strong arm robbery. The Copper thieves were probably drug users.

    This church as well as reverend Jackson shuold consider STRONG enforcement of drug laws and even longer sentences accordingly.

  23. grndemon55 says:

    Wasn’t the original story about copper thieves?

  24. david mcwilliams says:

    Moderator, thank you for FINALLY providing an explanation.

    If you read the post I was responding to, the called another person(s) fools and I was providing a biblically-correct explaination of what a fool is.

    And the links were to the bible verses I was quoting for people to see the verses is context GOD intended.

    1. david mcwilliams says:

      I first tried to post about 1:20, and tried to repost several times with no avail with explanation.

      As to links – facts don’t matter, right? To provide a Biblically correct answer, one HAS to be able properly quote the BIBLE and to show the content of the bible.

      thanks for responding anyways.

  25. Early Ardmore says:

    “For centuries, theologians have been explaining the unknowable in terms of the-not-worth-knowing.” ~ H. L. Mencken

  26. George G says:

    More fall out from failed Bush/Cheny economic policies.

  27. Noah Vail says:

    Our church in New Port Richey FL had 4 large AC units stolen 2 months ago.
    We just recently replaced them at a cost us over $10k.

    The culprit got maybe $500 for our trouble. Worse still is that we were only one site out of dozens that were hit – including a number of other churches.


  28. j says:

    They need to make a new law that you can’t sell scrap copper without a permit. Electrical contractors automatically get them but everybody else needs to apply for one from the police dept. That would put a stop to this.