MIAMI (CBS4) – An American Eagle Airlines flight attendant police said stole another man’s identity to land a job that took him around the world appeared in bond court Saturday.

Jophan Porter, 38, was in a Miami-Dade County Jail after he was charged with more than a dozen crimes, including identity fraud and forgery.

His bond was set at $1,000,000 after the assistant state attorney in court said he is considered a flight risk.

“Mr. Porter is a flight risk because we don’t really know who he is,” the assistant state attorney said in bond court. “He was only identified by the FBI when he had a fingerprint match.”

The attorney said Porter “refused to identify who he was, why he had done this and why he assumed this role.”

The judge pressed the attorney as to why Porter was a state concern.

“Judge, we don’t know who he’s connected to,” the attorney said. “I know that when you are refusing to identify yourself to the FBI and you’re working in an airline that’s a concern…and we are concerned about that.”

WebExtra Video: $1M Bond Set For Porter

Porter, who is from Guyana, is also on an immigration hold.

Police said Porter was in possession of several documents, including an ID card and passport, in the name of Anthony Frair when he was arrested at Miami International Airport Friday. He had reportedly arrived at MIA from a London flight and was scheduled to board a flight to Dallas when he was arrested.

The real Anthony Frair, a New York resident, was alerted to his stolen identity while trying to apply for government assistance. He told police he has never met Porter before.

AMR Corporation, parent company to both American Eagle and American Airlines, released this statement to CBS4:

American Eagle Airlines can confirm that an American Eagle flight attendant has been arrested on charges involving identity theft that does not involve a customer.  American Eagle is actively involved in the investigation with law enforcement authorities, including the FBI.  Further information on this case should come from law enforcement authorities who are handling the investigation.

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  1. Pilot says:

    “The real Anthony Frair, a New York resident, was alerted to his stolen identity while trying to apply for government assistance.”…………………..So the REAL guy is applying for food stamps when he another guy steals his identity and gets a job!?!?!?!? The REAL guy should be thrown in jail for taking advantage of welfare!!!

  2. Sam Luciano says:

    That guy is Awsome and the Real guy should go looking for a job rather make me spend my tax dollars. Imposter reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio in Catch me if you can lol

  3. ClayRenoit says:

    Miami Dade Building & Zoning residents should form watchdog group to ensure accountability.

  4. Dying from cancer says:

    Hey Pilot –
    You are assuming the “real guy” had no problems. Like you perhaps. Did you ever consider the “real guy” could be a cancer patient, a parent taking care of a very sick child or elderly parent? The things that can happen in a life that lands people in poverty are endless. It’s true, bad things happen to very good people. Count your blessings.

  5. Cooliebai0o7 says:

    this was a cool guy! everyone here loved him!!

  6. Cooliebai0o7 says:

    what happen to this person??
    so curious to know because I knew him.