MIAMI ( – The family of a slain Miami teenager has asked for the public’s help in bringing the shooter, or shooters, who opened fire on a group of people early Thursday morning to justice.

“I know whoever’s watching knew Jacorey and they know he wasn’t bad to deserve to get this done to him,” said Jacorey’s mother, Frances Aaaron.

Nineteen-year-old Jacorey Nathaveil Aaron died at Jackson Memorial Hospital from the injuries he received during the shooting. His family held a public plea just after 2:30 p.m. Friday asking anyone in the community to help police find the shooter or shooters.

The shooting that killed Aaron happened around 1:20 a.m. Thursday. According to Miami Police, several people were hanging out in front of a sub shop and grocery store when a white Nissan Maxima pulled up and one or two shooters opened fire on the group.

“He is so young and to have his life taken from us is detrimental to our families and our friends,” said Jacorey’s father, Elton Duncan. “I’m not saying he is the perfect child, because no one has the perfect child, but he did not deserve this.”

Three other people who were shot were also taken to JMH. They include: Terry K. Brown, 43; William Bernard Hanley, 18; and Collins E. Stanley, Jr., 27. Brown is listed in critical condition, while Hanley and Stanley are in stable condition.

“I would like to ask anybody to please help me find who did this to my son, he didn’t deserve it,” Frances said.

“The public that is watching this; we are all a team here, come forward and help out,” said Miami Police Sgt. Confesor Gonzalez.

If you have any information about the shooting, call Miami-Dade Crimestoppers at 305-471-TIPS (8477).

Jacorey’s family had moved from the area to try and prevent their children from dealing with this type of violence.

“No matter where you go, the violence is going to be there; you can’t run from the violence,” Elton said.

Elton’s words rang true after a second shooting happened near the same area and was captured on camera by CBS4. Based on a still shot from the CBS4 video, Miami Police located the alleged shooters in the second incident.

Miami Police arrested 17-year-old Danny Copeland and 16-year-old Donnell Sevon Williams and charged them with attempted murder in the second shooting.

Police said that Williams fired three shots at the victim and when the victim started to run, Wiliams gave the gun to Copeland who chased the victim while holding the gun. Police also noted that the gun was then passed to a third person who fired at the victim.

The third alleged shooter has not been identified by police.

Comments (2)
  1. FYI says:

    The white Maxima was used in other drive by attempts in other areas.

  2. sick of sofla says:

    Ignorance at it’s best!!! Killing your own neighbors!! Just give them all guns and let them have it out once and for all. Whatever is left alive the police can just take to jail. That’s one way to clean out an area.
    When do the riots start???

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