MIAMI ( – Six people were injured in Miami after a tree fell on several cars at an adult education center near the intersection of 36th Avenue and SW 28th Street.

Apparently, the tree fell due to old age.

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The large tree landed on several cars, including a Ford F-150 and Toyota Corolla. The falling tree did the most damage to a dark sedan that was almost completely crushed under the weight of the tree branch.

Zenel Jimenez said he, along with a few other people, were under the ficus tree having lunch.

“I’m lucky…Thank God I’m here right now talking to you,” he told CBS4’s Gary Nelson.

Jimenez said the tree fell right before his eyes.

“Suddenly I heard a noise and I look to the tree, oh my God, the tree was coming down to me.

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The tree didn’t hit Jimenez, but five people were injured.

“A total of 10 cars were damaged, five severely, including a pickup truck and other ones with minor damage,” Carroll said.

Two people were transported to local hospitals with minor injuries.

The arborist arrived shortly after to remove the tree.

A search and rescue dog was also on the scene to search for anyone who may have been trapped under the tree, but his search was positive.

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“He cleared the area,” Julie Padelford with Miami Fire Rescue said. “There’s nobody that was stuck under the tree. We searched the entire area so I was just glad to be on hand to be available.”